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About Us

BGL Corporate Solutions Pty Ltd was established in 1983 as a consulting firm to assist accountants and small businesses to gain more value from their computer systems. In 1989, BGL expanded its traditional consultancy business by adding a software manufacturing division.

Over the ensuing period, BGL has grown to be one of the largest suppliers in the world of compliance software for corporate secretarial and superannuation fund management. BGL manufactures and continues to develop our Corporate Affairs System (CAS) the world’s leading multi jurisdictional corporate secretarial solution, and Simple Fund Desktop an award winning software solution used to maintain over 75% of Australian self managed superannuation funds (SMSF’s).

The BGL Product Suite also includes:

Simple Fund 360, a state of the art cloud SMSF administration solution.

Simple Ledger, a fully integrated general ledger with an investment register and asset register with full GST calculation and reporting.

Today BGL boasts an extensive client base of over 7,500 businesses in 15 countries including Australia’s largest accounting practices, law firms and public company groups. BGL employs a team of over 100 to handle software development, support, marketing, client service and administration.

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Mountain View

Our Mission

  • To deliver the best compliance software for superannuation, corporate registry, accounting and investment management.

  • To provide a quality software solution and support service to all clients.

Our Purpose

BGL will deliver market leading software products in the superannuation, corporate compliance, investment and accounting arena. BGL will achieve this by being innovative, flexible and responsive to our business environment and the needs of our clients. By doing so, BGL will strengthen and further its market leadership in Australia, and throughout the world. Our highly skilled and dynamic team will strive to provide excellent customer service that is fostered by an energetic and responsive team environment.

Our money back guarantee

All of BGL’s products come with an exclusive 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.