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Portal by BGL

BGLDigital Signing, Contributions Dashboard and Investment Summary

Portal by BGL is a web platform that provides BGL clients with the ability to give web access to CAS and Simple Fund Desktop data and documents. The data and documents can be accessed by your clients, auditors, financial advisers, company officers or any other interested person from anywhere and on any device (computer, smartphone, iPad etc).

What can my clients do on Portal by BGL?

Simple Fund Desktop

  • View all fund details data (ABN, trustee, member details, etc)
  • View/prepare investment and financial reports with live data including end of day pricing
  • View a contributions dashboard showing concessional, non-concessional, employer and member contributions
  • Update a fund’s investment strategy
  • Request details of Simple Fund Desktop transactions and provide source documents (source documents uploaded through Portal by BGL are attached to the transaction in Simple Fund Desktop)
  • Ability to review, print and sign all year-end documents prepared for a fund including income tax returns
  • Complete electronic fund establishments with all establishment documents created instantly

Portal with Group Entity

The paperless office is now a reality!

  • A paperless document delivery solution for your business
  • Allows you to deliver ANY document or file to ANY client – documents or files do not have to be related to CAS or Simple Fund Desktop
  • Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns, spreadsheets, letters and invoices for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts or super funds can all be delivered through Portal
  • Any document can be digitally signed with BGL SmartSign


Document delivery, tracking and signing

Portal by BGL automatically tracks the movement of all documents from preparation and review to signing. Documents can be viewed, printed, signed, scanned and uploaded through Portal or can be digitally signed with BGL’s SmartSign technology. BGL SmartSign removes the need to print and sign documents.

Sharing information

Portal by BGL allows you to share data with your clients and any other interested person. Any document or file can be uploaded to Portal; you can share PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, images, videos, financial software data files and more…

Organising data and documents

You can organise the data on Portal by BGL in the way that best suits your business, similar to a document management system.

Portal by BGL is your Portal

Portal is white labelled, meaning you can add your logo and design themes to make Portal look like your website. Portal can be fully integrated with your website and users can even access the Portal with a single sign on process from your website login.


  • Provide your firm with a web presence at a very low cost
  • Significantly reduce the cost of providing your clients with documents and information
  • Securely provide data and documents to your clients or any other person
  • Automatically track all inbound and outbound communication
  • Simplify your current processes
  • Improve the range of services you can offer your clients
  • Easy set up, no update costs, no server costs

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