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BGL Query

BGL QueryBGL Query gives you the ability to build queries and create reports from your CAS Desktop and Simple Fund Desktop database.

BGL Query allows you to filter and extract information with an easy to use, point and click, user interface. Simply select the data you require, the parameters to apply and with a single mouse click, BGL Query will create a data summary.

BGL Query gives you the ability to create reports from your Simple Fund Desktop database on items such as Member’s Age, Member’s Mode, Member’s Details, Member’s Contributions, Investment Costs and Returns.

For CAS, you are able to create reports on items such as Company Details, Company Member’s, Company Officeholder’s, Company Unitholder’s, Company Documents, Annual Returns, Director’s Interest, Share Usage, and CAS Company/People Mailing information.

The reporting possibilities with BGL Query are endless, you can create virtually any query which will drag information in real time directly from your CAS or Simple Fund Desktop database.

BGL Query includes a full featured report editor so you can change the design of standard reports to meet your exact needs. Company logos can be included and standard company fonts can be used so your reports look more professional and are consistent with your current company policies and procedures. Reports can be exported to CSV, XML or TXT, saved as PDF, Word or Excel documents.

Contained within BGL Query, are a number of standard templates so you can start reporting immediately. You can add sub-fields to the existing templates so the data can be refined further, or you can create your own queries. BGL Query comes with an extensive user guide and is fully supported by BGL. The initial fee includes a one-hour web training session in which the trainer will show you how to create reports, modify existing reports and how to get the greatest benefit from your investment.


In addition to creating your own reports the following standard templates are available with BGL Query:

Simple Fund Desktop

  • Contribution Report Concessional
  • Contribution Report Non-Concessional
  • Investment Cost by Fund
  • Investment Market Value by Fund
  • Mailing Labels
  • Member Age Report
  • Member Balance


  • Company Annual Return Status
  • Company Mailing Address
  • Company Mailing Merge File
  • Share/Unit Usage
  • Shareholder Mail Address
  • Unitholders Address and Balance