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BGL Client Services

client services

BGL Client Services (BGL CS) offer a range of competitively priced onsite professional services delivered by experienced BGL support consultants who are up to date with changes in technology and legislation. Our range of services will help you get the most out of your BGL software subscription.

Onsite Training

BGL CS offers a range of one on one onsite training courses, delivered by qualified BGL trainers. For more information on our onsite training services, contact our Training Coordinator at [email protected].

Data Conversions

BGL CS offers data conversions from a range of different corporate compliance and super fund administration packages such as CRS, GEMS, Viewpoint, Blueprint, MYOB Super Fund, Supervisor II, Supermate, Class Super and more.

Our data conversion process gives clients the ability to transfer existing data straight into a CAS, Simple Fund or Simple Fund 360 database with little or no downtime, effectively saving you time and money.

New System Installations

Installation of your BGL software on your network file server and workstations. Setting up printers and modems to operate with your BGL software. The BGL consultant will also discuss backing up your BGL software, downloading and installing BGL software, documentation updates and maintaining your BGL software. The set up of your computer network and workstations is the responsibility of your network administrator. Our service does not include setting up servers or workstations, installation of computer hardware, installation of operating systems or installation of any other software.

Software Update Installations

Installation of updates to your BGL software on your network file server and workstations. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of your BGL software before the BGL consultant commences this service.

Superannuation Fund Processing

BGL consultants can input your superannuation fund data to Trial Balance stage. BGL consultants will not prepare audit reports, financial statements, income tax returns or members’ statements.

This process can be completed by providing BGL with the source data, the work is then completed and sent back to you.

Software Site Audit

A BGL site audit ensures your BGL software is correctly installed and operating in the most efficient manner. A site audit will check the installation of your BGL software, remove unnecessary files, install the latest software updates, check configuration files, validate the integrity of your database by performing checks for duplicates records and corruptions, remove unwanted sort files and ensure the correct installation of any support applications.

Corporate Compliance

BGL consultants can assist you with your CAS corporate compliance. This service includes downloading companies, preparing ASIC forms and performing system data maintenance tasks to ensure the integrity of your CAS database.

Simple Fund Database Combine

BGL CS offer a Simple Fund Desktop database consolidation service. This service allows BGL to combine multiple Simple Fund Desktop databases into one consolidated Simple Fund Desktop database. Before the service can take place, BGL CS will require a compressed zip file of the primary database (to remain intact), and the secondary database(s) (to be merged).
It is important to note that once BGL CS have received your Simple Fund Desktop database(s), any changes made in the program will be overwritten when the combined database(s) are returned. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use Simple Fund Desktop while the database consolidation takes place. The service is carried out from the BGL CS offices.