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Simple Fund 360 Professional

SMSF Software

Australia’s leading cloud SMSF software solution


Using Class Super, Desktop Super or SuperMate SMSF software? Contact our dedicated Client Enablement Team about Data Conversion today!

SMSF software

Why choose Simple Fund 360?

Simple Fund 360 is revolutionising the SMSF administration space with intelligent algorithms that significantly reduce the amount of time required to process an SMSF
Simple Fund 360 works while you sleep, automatically matching bank, broker, corporate action and dividend data overnight using BGL’s SmartPost technology while daily ASX, managed fund and international share prices provide daily portfolio valuations

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Simplify your user experience

Simple Fund 360 is beautifully designed with an intuitive user interface to remove unnecessary mouse clicks and increase your productivity
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Transform your client relationships

Simple Fund 360 connects all the dots so actuaries, administrators, advisors, auditors and trustees can connect to SMSF data through a single application
SMSF software

Real-time reporting allows you to communicate with your clients on possible SMSF compliance issues at any point in the year – not just at financial year end

SMSF software

Use strict access controls to invite your clients to log in to Simple Fund 360 and view their SMSF data anywhere, anytime on any device

SMSF software

Deliver documents and reports electronically to your clients. Use BGL’s fast, simple and secure SmartSign technology to digitally sign documents

Automate your SMSF compliance worfkflow

With real-time access to accurate information Simple Fund 360 makes it easy to monitor member balances, contribution caps, pension limits, performance and investment strategies across multiple SMSFs for a proactive approach to compliance and advice
SMSF software

It’s all about

SMSF software

Automate your workload to increase productivity

SMSF software

Connect and share data with 3rd party providers

SMSF software

Relax and save with true cloud based technology

Daily ASX & Managed Fund Data

Bank Data*

Share Data Pack*

Corporate Actions

International Share Price Data

Macquarie CMA Data

Actuary Certificates

Audit Solutions

Documents and Deeds


Wraps and Platforms

Web Browser Access

No Installation

Automated Updates

Automated Backups

Unlimited Users

Securely Hosted

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Switch to a better SMSF software solution

Our dedicated Client Enablement Team is here to help you every step of the way from data conversion, data migration, data services implementation, product training and more!
SMSF software

New to BGL? Our team can convert your data to Simple Fund 360 from a range of SMSF software packages

SMSF software

Our data migration utility is 100% accurate and migrates all data, documents and services for each fund from Simple Fund Desktop

Simple Fund 360 Professional

Customise the package thats right for you, by adding on Bank Data and Share data packs to your Professional subscription


$8000per fund, per annum
purchased in lots of 5


$3500per fund, per annum
purchased in lots of 5
  • sf360-pricing-info Unlimited bank accounts
  • sf360-pricing-info Unlimited transactions


$3500per fund, per annum
purchased in lots of 5
  • sf360-pricing-info Unlimited contract notes
  • sf360-pricing-info Registry data coming soon

Funds, Bank Data and Share Data Packs are purchased in lots of 5.
Volume pricing available for 250+ fund subscriptions. Monthly billing available for 50+ fund subscriptions.

All prices are in Australian dollars, exclude GST and are subject to change without notice.
If you’re not happy with your BGL product, get in touch with us within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.

Some excited users!

“BGL (Simple Fund) 360 is a fantastic revolution for the SMSF administration space. For our firm, we have changed our SMSF offering to take advantage of these changes and are working hard to use these new features. Our goal is to complete all of our SMSF accounting for this year by the end of November and BGL (Simple Fund) 360 will help us do this!”
Trent White, Partner at Redmans
“The cloud based Simple Fund 360 breaks geographic boundaries to allow us to work on the same page from our different office sites, the SMSF reports are easily and quickly extracted from the system and integrate very well into our SMSF Audit System and Risk Factor Analysis, Microsoft CRM and document management system. The BGL (Simple Fund) 360 allows us to manage our offshore centres more effectively and job allocation more efficiently. Well done, BGL!”
Darlow Parazo, Practising Certified Public Accountant
“My office was an early adopter and whilst there were teething problems I can report that software is now humming. We are completing financials in one third the time it took us last year. Our clients are loving the online reporting and feel more in control seeing their fund being allocated in real time. We are still working on our internal processes but we believe for 2016 we will have the financials completed within 60 minutes. We are very happy we made the switch from (Simple Fund) desktop to (Simple Fund) 360.”
Chris Craggs, Principal at Argurion Finance Group
“With BGL Simple Fund 360, identifying SMSF issues can be done on a timely manner through real-time access of the Fund’s accounting data. Our team can now focus on being proactive in communicating possible SMSF compliance issues (such as meeting pension requirements) at any point in a financial year rather than waiting for financial yearend to finish. BGL Simple Fund 360 allowed our firm to create more value to the client and to deliver more services at a more efficient and timely manner.”
Jayson Felix, SMSF manager and specialist
“Migrating to Simple Fund 360 is the easiest and most logical solution. We have been using Simple Fund 360 for the past 12 months and couldn’t speak more highly of the product. We found efficiencies even in our first year of migrating funds and that’s without having the data feeds setup for a full year”
Simon Abbott , SMSF Specialist at Davidsons Accountants and Business Consultants
“I find Simple Fund 360 is fantastic as it’s way smarter than Desktop ever could be. So glad we made the switch away from Desktop!!”
Julian Versloot , Super Fund Accountant at Prowse Perrin & Twomey
“We have been using Simple Fund 360 from a beta testing period through to commercial release up to now. Simple Fund 360 has come a long way from when the Beta was released, we instantly experienced small gains in efficiency which surprised us as we expected the time to move over to Simple Fund 360 from desktop was going to be significant investment in both getting the funds across but also in staff training. The second year operating with Simple Fund 360 we have been able to reduce our staff time on each fund by approx 60% once the data feeds were operating and rules set up. Staff Training was the other area that we thought was going to be an issue but we have found that staff needed minimum training as Simple Fund 360 was very intuitive to pick up, one thing I will say is that you and your staff need to approach with a clear and open mind as it works very differently to desktop, in a good way.”
Glenn Delaney , Director at Australian SMSF Solutions Pty Ltd

Expand your SMSF offering

Simple Fund 360’s Analytical Insights takes SMSF software to the next level by allowing you to query your Simple Fund 360 database in real-time. Gain powerful SMSF business insights globally (across all of your funds) from any screen in Simple Fund 360 with just a few keyboard strokes!
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Live online demonstrations

Experience for yourself why Simple Fund 360 is revolutionising the world of SMSF administration, automation and compliance!

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Identify new SMSF strategies

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SelfWealth is fully integrated with Simple Fund 360 and clients receive access to SelfWealth FREE of charge!