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Simple Fund 360 New Features Webinar recap with Alissa Haralambopoulos!

Overall a massive update, ensuring the software is well and truly ready to assist you with processing your 2021 financials and returns.

Simple Fund 360 New Features Webinar recap with BGL’s Product Advocate, Alissa Haralambopoulos!

We start this Simple Fund 360 new features webinar with two screens that have received facelifts after many years…

The first is the Fund Dashboard screen, this new screen gives a great overview of the selected fund including details such as ABN, TFN, Superstream Status, deed uploaded, how many unmatched transactions you have, workpapers left to complete, data feed reconciliation status and client queries. The dashboard also gives an overview of the funds’ investments and performance, as well as allowing for notes to be displayed on this main page so that they are easily accessible.

The other dashboard which has received a makeover is the reports screen. You still have access to all the reports you’ve come to know and love, the big difference is that now you can not only see the report categories, but you can also see a list of all reports which can be filtered A-Z or new-old. The new reports screen also allows you to add tags to reports, meaning you can now filter by these too, think ‘GST’ or ‘Pension’ tags. You will still be able to access your report packs, and create additional report packs if necessary. You can also now preview reports with a single click. 

The 2021 tax return is now available for lodgement with the ATO for those super-speed processors! The audit workpaper reports have also been rolled forward and updated for the 2021 financial year. Along with this, we are working on adding the 2021 Distribution Tax Data, if you find an Annual Tax Statement that is not currently available in the software, please send it through so that we can look to add the data for you.

Another new arrival can be found on the Property Dashboard, where you are now able to generate a fund level or global level Property Summary Report, this report can show you the property type, valuation and the last valuation date. Great for checking the status of all the properties in all the funds you manage. This report can also be generated from the reports screen. 

Are you currently using digital signing? If it’s an idea you’ve been toying with, be sure to check out our latest digital signing integration partner, FuseSign. An Australian based business, offering fantastic pricing for BGL clients, it’s definitely worth looking into. This integration is also available across all BGL products. 

The pension reduction has been applied in the software for the 2021 financial year for the 50% reduction. This update can be seen on the pension dashboard, and various pension reports. Also updated for this year is the NCC Bring forward extended to age 66, this can be seen on the Contribution Dashboard and Contribution Breakdown Report.

Finally, there was a new broker added, Soundbridge Financial Services, so if this is a provider that your client is using, you will now be able to set up data feeds for this.

Overall a massive update, ensuring the software is well and truly ready to assist you with processing your 2021 financials and returns.

Looking forward to the next release and will definitely be keeping an eye on what’s to come!

In case you missed it, you can watch the Simple Fund 360 New Features webinar recording below.

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