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When you find the right culture, it all makes sense!

By September 1, 2021Culture, Homepage

When you find the right culture, it all makes sense!

I’ve found my “happy place” – in a work / culture sense at a place I’d never heard of – BGL.

An insider's experience, coming in from the outside...

After working for incredible, global organisations and an inspirational NFP where I’ve been presented with so many opportunities, I found myself a bit lost during this Covid thing (alongside everyone else!). After taking time off and having the opportunity to focus on my kids, I wasn’t sure what to do next. Volunteering is amazing and a passion, but one needs cash to pay the bills (I know – I’m a dreamer).

I casually looked at a few roles that sounded perfect on paper. It took a few months and stints of contracting, but finally something really caught my eye and it was only after I’d had my first interview that I realised the diamond I’d stumbled upon.

My first interview with BGL was with some guy called Ron and another called Daniel. Must be recruiters? Oh nooo. Ron created, built and has run BGL for close to 35 years. Daniel, as I learned, is the COO and has been integral to BGL for over 20 years (and my boss. Spoiler alert…). For the two most senior people in the organisation to interview me – and it was Round One – made me sit up. These guys really care about the existing team and want to ensure new recruits are a cultural fit.

I was very grateful and nervous that Ron and Daniel thought I had the skills and I made it to Round Two – “The Team Interview”. Have any of you ever been interviewed by your potential future team? I hadn’t and it was nerve-wracking! And then it all made sense. The team is composed of six highly skilled and energetic marketers – it was so much fun to meet them and hear what they are looking for in a new colleague. 

Long story short – I GOT THE ROLE! Don’t want to show off when so many of us are really finding it hard to find work (BGL are hiring…) but I’m loving being part of a culture that gets me and I feel a part of something! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is included. Ron bought us all lunch the other day (pre-lockdown). There are no barriers, there’s no pecking order. We are all there to do the best we can and it’s inspiring working with such a talented team of dark horses.

BGL rarely promotes themselves – the culture and the time-saving products speak volumes. Am so grateful to be a part of this awesome team. The moral of the story is: when an opportunity taps you on the shoulder and the culture is a fit, go for it!

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