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CAS 360 Software Update Release April 2021

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Introducing Multi Annual Reviews Processing!

In the April 2021 CAS 360 release we have focused on improving the most commonly used feature in CAS 360, the Annual Review.

Since the launch of CAS 360 we have focused on completing Annual Reviews quickly, while still treating them with the care and attention that is required to make sure the information you deliver to your clients is correct and shows the quality of your firm’s work.

In this update, you can now process these Annual Reviews in bulk. Allowing the processing of the Annual Reviews to be done once. Per day, per week or per month.

It starts with being able to select all the Reviews you want to process in bulk, you can do this easily from the new drop down menu. You can focus on just the Reviews that are “Passed” or all Reviews ready to process.

Once the Companies are selected, you are now ready to process the Reviews. We have developed a new Multi Company Document production process; step 1 is to select the document pack and templates for each company. This also includes great existing features, such as Digital Signing, Document Order and Annual Review deadline alerts.

Once you are ready to proceed, CAS 360 will then validate all companies and all document templates in the background, a huge task across so many companies, and if there are any validation issues you are able to correct these issues in the workflow, without leaving.

Once the validations have all passed, you are now ready to proceed to see who you are sending the reviews out to. As part of this process we will show you who is going to receive the review for each company. Again, we have built in validations of email addresses, and users are able to add email addresses from within the workflow.

We have also built in the manager review process, if these reviews are required to be signed off, then this process has also been included.

Once the reviews have been sent to the client, you will receive a new notification that allows you to track the progress of the Annual Review delivery. This is a new notification!

The Multiple Annual Reviews Tracking screen will also show you each company, and a delivery status per recipient, so you can have confidence that each client has received their Annual Review.

Watch our video below to see this incredible new feature in action!

CAS 360 Great News!

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CAS 360 Singapore Company Compliance Software Released to Beta!

For the March 2021 release of CAS 360 we have completed our beta development for CAS 360 in Singapore, and we are very excited to be putting CAS 360 in the hands of a number of beta firms in Singapore.

CAS 360 Singapore, is hosted in Singapore through our infrastructure partner Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CAS 360 Singapore has some amazing features, never before seen in Singapore. CAS 360 is approved for electronic filing of the Singapore company annual return with ACRA. This is done through the seamless filing project. This unlocks huge efficiency gains for CSPs as they can now complete the filing without leaving CAS 360.

We have also added full document support for Company Address, Company Officers and Company Shareholder changes in Singapore.

The April CAS 360 Singapore release will also see some fantastic features, more on that next month.

For CAS 360 New Zealand, we have released a series of new features and improvements. We have continued to build our AML / CDD functionality with the introduction of a new AML / CDD compliance report, and a new AML / CDD compliance listing report.

CAS 360 New Zealand March 2021 update also sees improvements to company imports, improved shareholder imports, improved share transactions being filed to Companies Office, and a few more.

While this release focuses more on CAS 360 Singapore and CAS 360 New Zealand, the CAS 360 Australia team has been hard at work with improvements to adding emails in document production, improved information hovers for trustee companies, enhancements to trust information in Address Usage report and Trust vesting date being added to the Trust Listing Report.

We have a huge new feature for Australia & New Zealand set to drop in early April, this one has taken a few months to develop, and when you see it, you will know why. Oh, and you will be able to complete Annual Reviews/Returns faster than ever before…

See you in April 🙂

CAS 360 Software Update Release February 2021

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Hello everyone and welcome to 2021!

For the first release of 2021, the CAS 360 team have worked on some great new features.

Adding a new Company

When adding a new company to CAS 360, you can now import the basic company information directly from ASIC.

If you toggle on the ‘Import from ASIC?’ CAS 360 will conduct a real time search of the ASIC register and find the company for you.

Clicking on import, will add the company to your CAS 360 company list, and also import the basic company information (Company Name, Number, Company type and class).

Trust Documents

CAS 360 is the best place to manage all of the trusts that your firm looks after, with industry leading trust features.

In this update, we add more documentation for trusts.

When preparing unitholder transactions, if there is an allotment transaction, CAS 360 will now prepare a unit allotment journal, and for unit transfers CA360 will now prepare a unit transfer journal.

New Trust registers have also been added, with a new Register of Trust Relationships, which will show all of the position holders in the trust. Also, a new Register of Trust Events has been added, which will show all event transactions that have taken place inside the trust.

New Contacts screens

This update sees a huge change in the way contact data is entered into CAS 360. We have added new fields and grouped a number of key data fields.

We have added support for ‘Other Names’ which include ‘Casual Name’ a long time requested feature, soon this casual name will be appearing on documents such as letters.

We have also added a whole heap of new contact fields, including identification numbers, and company number types for company contacts. 

New Health Check for Company Details and Holding Company

For New Zealand Companies we have expanded the health check to now include General Company Details and Holding company information.

CAS 360 will now check this information every day with the NZ Companies Office and alert you if there have been any changes.

Live Checks (checking when inside the company) has also been added for Company Details and Holding Companies.

If you would like to view the full release notes for February 2021 please click here to visit the BGL Community.

See you next update!


CAS 360 Software Update Release August 2020

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Another month of lock-down has passed in Melbourne, however this does not stop the CAS 360 team from delivering some great features.

In the August release we have a number of new integrations where you can connect to CAS 360.


First of all, we have the MyBGL. MyBGL will allow you to see all the information related to your CAS 360 subscription. From here you are able to view your usage, upgrade or downgrade your subscription level as well as view all of your billing and payment information.

To see MyBGL in action – watch our video 👉


A new addition to the CAS 360 integrated Practice Management suite of applications. You can now share contact information between CAS 360 and GreatSoft to ensure that your data is always update and accurate.

To see the GreatSoft integration in action – watch our video 👉


Blueprint by ChangeGPS is now connected to CAS 360. This will allow you to create beautiful structure diagrams based on the Company, Trust, Super Fund and Contact data inside CAS 360. Perfect for that next client meeting where you need to discuss their corporate structure.

To see the ChangeGPS integration in action – watch our video 👉

LightYear Docs

The integration between LightYear Docs and CAS 360 is now live. This will allow you to connect CAS 360 to your LightYear Docs account and push newly registered companies from LightYear Docs to CAS 360.

To see the LightYear Docs integration in action – watch our video 👉

Trust Improvements

This update continues on our previous releases around trust management, we have released 23 improvements to Trust Events, as well as adding a new Trust Report allowing you to prepare a full report for each and every trust. We have also released Trust Distributions for New Zealand trusts.

Interface Improvements

We have updated the icons used in the left hand side panel to give a greater feel, we have also improved every table view in CAS 360 from the Company Selection screen, Annual Review / Return screen and the Shareholders screens. We have also improved all the popovers in CAS 360 for better feel and performance.

Other new features

A range of other new features have also been added, with improvements to the registers, improvements to the share / unit transfer forms and new merge fields for document customisation.

Oh, and one last thing...

We have released our electronic filing of the Singapore company annual return with ACRA from inside CAS 360.

This includes the whole box and dice for Singapore Annual Returns with integration with CorpPass, support for the Singapore jurisdiction across the CAS 360 application, a new Singapore Annual Return screen, with the ability to prepare the Annual Return, sent it to your client, and then file the Annual Return, and make the payment to ACRA all from within CAS 360. It’s Brilliant.

CAS 360 Software Update Release July 2020

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Hi All,

For the July CAS 360 update, we have focused heavily again on Trust management. Our aim has always been to have the best trust management feature set in Australia and New Zealand. Building on our release of Trust relationships in June, our new feature Trust Events takes this to the next level.

Trust Events is a new tab that has been added to all the trusts in CAS 360. Inside this tab, you now have a huge amount of new functionality. You can now store and record all asset, liability, gifting, income, and expense transactions for a trust.

This will give you a snapshot of all this information for each trust. Also, as years go by you will be able to add transactions for capital improvements, changes in value and forgiving of loans.

Best of all when any of these transactions takes place, CAS 360 will prepare the required supporting documents, which can then be reviewed by your Partner or Manager and delivered by email to your client for electronic signing.

In this release, we have also added a dedicated Documents tab to each trust allowing users to see all stored documents for each trust and also upload any other documents associated with the trust.

Also, new options have been added when preparing company registers. As CAS 360 supports up to 10 decimal places for unit registers and share registers, we have added an option to allow you to select how many appear, so for those difficult companies or unit trusts that go to 7 or 8 decimal places CAS 360 has you covered.

Users are now also able to select the name order to the Company Members Register & Unitholders Register, users can select to have this register ordered in First Name, Surname or Surname, First Name.

We have also improved the way joint members are ordered on Company Member and Trust Unitholder registers, the joint member will now be ordered by the First Name or Surname of the first representative.

This update also includes improvements to the officer’s screen and updated NZ form 9 template and API improvements.

To gain the most from our new features, attend our webinar on Wednesday, 19 August 2020 at 11:30 AEST. Register Now >>>

To read the full release notes, please visit the BGL Community >>>