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Corporate Affairs System

The world’s leading corporate compliance software solution.


Clients can download the latest version of CAS Desktop from the Client Centre

Simple, Powerful Features

CAS prepares forms and documents for common changes made by United Kingdom companies.

Compliance Guarantee

CAS prepares an extensive list of paper and electronic forms for lodging with the Companies House.

Document Preparation

Automatically prepares all the compliance and supporting documents you need, including all minutes, resolutions, registers, certificates and more.


Automated document tracking with one click retrieval of documents.

Task Management

Manage all your corporate compliance tasks.


Make one change across multiple companies with a click of a button.


Ability to export forms documents to Adobe PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.


Data conversions for all other corporate compliance packages.


Comprehensive training documentation and telephone technical support.

Sample Reports

CAS includes hundreds of standard management reports and listings. CAS includes BGL Corporate Tree - an easy to use graphical tool that automatically generates corporate trees from your CAS database in seconds.

CAS also integrates with BGL Query, a sophisticated software solution that enables you to create user defined reports.


CAS automatically creates and prefills forms and supporting documentation to ensure you comply with all requirements of the Companies Act. By making a simple change to a corporate register, CAS will automatically prepare all the documents required.

CAS gives you the power and functionality to be able to prepare in excess of 400 Company compliance forms, business names forms and supporting documentation for 25 corporate jurisdictions including Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

View Forms List

CAS produces and prefills the following forms for electronic filing with the UK Companies House:

  • IN01: Application to Register a Company
  • AR01: Annual Return or CS01 Confirmation Statement
  • AP01: Appointment of a Director
  • AP02: Appointment of a Corporate Director
  • AP03: Appointment of a Secretary
  • AP04: Appointment of a Corporate Secretary
  • TM01: Termination of a Director
  • TM02: Termination of a Secretary
  • CH01: Change of Details of Directors
  • CH02: Change of details of Corporate Directors
  • CH03: Change of Secretaries
  • CH04: Change of Corporate Secretaries
  • SH01: Return of Allotment of shares
  • AD01: Change of Registered Office
  • AD02: Notification of SAIL Address
  • AD03: Notification of Change of SAIL address

CAS also produces and prefills the following commonly used forms for Limited Company and Limited Liability Partnership for manual filing with the UK Companies House:

  • SH02: Notice of consolidation, Sub-division , Redemption of shares or Re-conversion of stock into Shares
  • SH03: Return of Purchase of own shares
  • SH06: Notice of cancellation of shares
  • SH07: Notice of cancellation of shares held by or for a public company
  • SH09: Return of allotment by an unlimited company allotting a new class of shares
  • SH011: Notice of new class of members
  • NM01: Notice of change of name by resolution
  • TM03: Termination of appointment of a manager
  • AA01: Change of Accounting Reference Date
  • AA03: Notice of resolution removing auditors from Office
  • DS01: Striking off application by a company
  • DS02: Withdrawal of striking off application by a company
  • MG01: Particulars of a mortgage or charge
  • MG02: Statement of satisfaction in full or in part of mortgage or charge
  • MG04: Application for registration of a memorandum of satisfaction
  • MG06: Particulars of a charge subject to which property has been acquired
  • MG09: Certificate of registration of a charge comprising property situated in another UK jurisdiction


Portal by BGL is a web platform that provides BGL clients with the ability to give web access to CAS data and documents. The data and documents can be accessed by your clients, auditors, financial advisers, company officers or any other interested person from anywhere and on any device (computer, smartphone, iPad etc).

Portal with Group Entity

The paperless office is now a reality!

  • A paperless document delivery solution for your business
  • Allows you to deliver ANY document or file to ANY client – documents or files do not have to be related to CAS or Simple Fund Desktop
  • Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns, spreadsheets, letters and invoices for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts or super funds can all be delivered through Portal
  • Any document can be digitally signed with BGL SmartSign

Document delivery, tracking and signing

Portal by BGL automatically tracks the movement of all documents from preparation and review to signing. Documents can be viewed, printed, signed, scanned and uploaded through Portal or can be digitally signed with BGL’s SmartSign technology. BGL SmartSign removes the need to print and sign documents.

Sharing information

Portal by BGL allows you to share data with your clients and any other interested person. Any document or file can be uploaded to Portal; you can share PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, images, videos, financial software data files and more…

Organising data and documents

You can organise the data on Portal by BGL in the way that best suits your business, similar to a document management system.

Portal by BGL is your Portal

Portal is white labelled, meaning you can add your logo and design themes to make Portal look like your website. Portal can be fully integrated with your website and users can even access the Portal with a single sign on process from your website login.


  • Provide your firm with a web presence at a very low cost
  • Significantly reduce the cost of providing your clients with documents and information
  • Securely provide data and documents to your clients or any other person
  • Automatically track all inbound and outbound communication
  • Simplify your current processes
  • Improve the range of services you can offer your clients
  • Easy set up, no update costs, no server costs


BGL Query gives you the ability to build queries and create reports from your CAS database.

Filter and extract information

BGL Query allows you to filter and extract information with an easy to use, point and click, user interface. Simply select the data you require, the parameters to apply and with a single mouse click, BGL Query will create a data summary.

Create reports

BGL Query gives you the ability to create reports from your Simple Fund Desktop database on items such as Member’s Age, Member’s Mode, Member’s Details, Member’s Contributions, Investment Costs and Returns.

For CAS, you are able to create reports on items such as Company Details, Company Member’s, Company Officeholder’s, Company Unitholder’s, Company Documents, Annual Returns, Director’s Interest, Share Usage, and CAS Company/People Mailing information.

The reporting possibilities with BGL Query are endless, you can create virtually any query which will drag information in real time directly from your CAS or Simple Fund Desktop database.

Report editor

BGL Query includes a full featured report editor so you can change the design of standard reports to meet your exact needs. Company logos can be included and standard company fonts can be used so your reports look more professional and are consistent with your current company policies and procedures. Reports can be exported to CSV, XML or TXT, saved as PDF, Word or Excel documents.

Standard templates

Contained within BGL Query, are a number of standard templates so you can start reporting immediately. You can add sub-fields to the existing templates so the data can be refined further, or you can create your own queries. BGL Query comes with an extensive user guide and is fully supported by BGL. The initial fee includes a one-hour web training session in which the trainer will show you how to create reports, modify existing reports and how to get the greatest benefit from your investment.


  • Company Annual Return Status
  • Company Mailing Address
  • Company Mailing Merge File
  • Share/Unit Usage
  • Shareholder Mail Address
  • Unitholders Address and Balance

Your Investment

25 companies


Initial purchase fee

£608 annual renewal fee

Unlimited support calls

Unlimited software updates

50 companies


Initial purchase fee

£708 annual renewal fee

Unlimited support calls

Unlimited software updates

100 companies


Initial purchase fee

£793 annual renewal fee

Unlimited support calls

Unlimited software updates

250 companies


Initial purchase fee

£886 annual renewal fee

Unlimited support calls

Unlimited software updates


Your subscription includes software, documentation, updates, and telephone support for a period of 12 months at a single site. Pricing for multiple sites is available from BGL. The subscription Renewal Fee is the amount payable in subsequent years to continue your product subscription. Prices are in British pounds.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We pride ourselves on getting things right. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but when we make mistakes we fix them. If you’re not happy with your BGL product, get in touch with us within 30 days and we’ll give you your money back.