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Complete Company and Trust Management Software

With powerful automation and streamlined workflows for managing trusts, Annual Reviews, company registrations, common changes made by companies and more.

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Feature Highlights

Take the hassle out of your company compliance work with the time-saving features in CAS 360!

Company Management

Prepare all the forms, minutes/resolutions, registers and other documents required for the Annual Review and common changes made by companies.

Streamlined Annual Reviews

Save hours on Annual Review processing with automated tracking, downloads, database comparison review and delivery of the annual statement pack to clients.

Bulk Annual Reviews

Process Annual Review documents across multiple companies at once (per day, per week or per month) using a simple multi-company document production workflow.

Name Reservations and Incorporations

File company name reservations and new company registrations directly to ASIC. Prepare all pre-incorporation and post-incorporation documents.

Detailed Trust Management

Manage all your clients’ trusts, including trust relationships, events and distributions. Easily enter trust information and create supporting documents.

Smart User Alerts

Stay on top of Annual Review dates, document deadlines and company debt (including complete ASIC debtor management) with smart alerts.

Automatic Client Reminders

Create set-and-forget email and SMS reminders to automatically remind your clients of upcoming Annual Review and document deadlines.

Customisation and Freeform Documents

Easily edit all document and email templates to reflect your firm’s brand. Create your own freeform minutes, resolutions and document templates.

BGLiD Client Identity Verification

Seamlessly integrate with BGLiD for instant client identity verification with no set-up, training or minimum commitment required for CAS 360 clients.

Practice Management Integration

Efficiently manage client and contact data across four apps (CAS 360, Simple Fund 360, Simple Invest 360 and your practice management software) in a single database.

Digital Signing Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and FuseSign to streamline the delivery and digital signing of all company and trust documents.

Document Provider Integration

Effortlessly integrate with industry-leading incorporation and legal document partners – Acis, Cleardocs, LightYear Docs, NTAA and Smarter SMSF.

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Success Stories

It is impossible not to save time using CAS 360. Click here to read our client success stories.

"We've been using Simple Fund 360 for 10+ years. After hearing about the advances in CAS 360, I made the switch. It was super easy!"

Karen Conlon

"CAS 360 is easy and efficient. It makes it easy to produce documents, lodge ASIC documents, process Annual Review and so on."

Scott Murray
Tester Porter

"I love CAS 360. It is easy to use and integrates nicely with other products. Plus, awesome customer service and a lot of training available."

Lee Duffield
All In Advisory

"CAS 360 has made life a lot easier for us internally and more efficient for our clients by providing them with more up-to-date data."

Sam Rotberg
AS Partners

"Seriously in love with CAS 360 Automated Annual Reviews. Why do firms still persist with the old way when there is CAS 360?!"

Aly Garrett
All In Advisory