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Paper-to-Data Platform

AI powered paper-to-data integration platform that can learn to transform any document into smart digital data.

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Paper-to-Data Platform

AI powered paper-to-data integration platform that can learn to transform any document into smart digital data with actionable insights.

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Unleash Your Business Potential with SmartDocs AI Studio

Introducing SmartDocs AI Studio, a multi-award winning, AI powered paper-to-data integration platform that helps businesses unlock their full potential by transforming unstructured data, such as paper or PDF documents, into smart digital data with actionable insights.

With its unique training engine and free Open API, SmartDocs AI Studio can be integrated into any software and used by any business to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Increased Productivity

Instantly extract vital data from your documents, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Accurate and Reliable Data

Have confidence in your data quality by eliminating manual data entry, filing and human error.

All-in-One AI Platform

Streamline data management, labelling, training and model hosting all in one user-friendly platform.

ISO 27001 Certified

Find peace of mind knowing your data is secured by SmartDocs AI Studio’s ISO 27001 certification.

Success in Numbers

Documents Uploaded
AI Models Trained
Pages Processed

AI Powered Data Processing

Unlike other solutions that require the creation of templates for each document layout, SmartDocs AI Studio harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and advanced deep learning algorithms to learn from documents submitted through its unique training engine. 

Training Engine

Custom-train the software to read any document type without coding via its unique training engine. Use tables and charts to evaluate the performance of your training models and identify potential issues.

File Management

Securely consolidate your valuable data and documents in one convenient location. Streamline review processes and task assignments by easily labelling and filtering documents. Seamlessly search for documents by both file name and content.

Tag Management

Save significant time with our AI-powered zero-shot annotation feature, which automatically classifies or labels documents using your predefined tags.

File Annotation

Boost your efficiency by preparing and annotating documents for customised models ten times faster with our advanced annotation tool.

CSV Export

Effortlessly generate a consolidated and organised CSV report for PDF files, providing a structured representation of the data.

Signatures and Privacy

Detect signatures in files and generate a copy of a file with sensitive information removed.

Capture with Convenience

Email PDFs or images directly to the software. Upload files in the software or via API integration.

Extract and Export

Effortlessly extract data from PDF or images files for export as CSV files, by API or via webhook.

Free Open/Public API

Access our Free Open/Public API for seamless integration into any software solution.

Various Document Types

SmartDocs AI Studio is pre-trained to read and extract data from invoices, receipts and bank statements, with more to come!

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Don’t miss out on the potential hidden within your unstructured data. Contact us to discover how SmartDocs AI Studio can take your business to new heights of efficiency and success.