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SMSF Administration Software

Intelligent, cloud-based SMSF software to streamline SMSF compliance management and administration.

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Empowering SMSF Professionals

Go beyond data entry! Grow your SMSF business with the AI-powered, innovative and award-winning technology in Simple Fund 360.

Accounting Workpapers

Streamline your year-end compliance process by speeding up the time to get funds ready for audit. Powerful built-in warnings, ability to store documents, record all evidence obtained during the preparation of financial statements, track statuses, and much more!

Corporate Actions

Be automatically notified of which ASX Corporate Actions have taken place during the year and process these with just a few mouse clicks.

TBAR Management

A global screen allowing you to generate and track TBAR files. Plus, prepare the TBAR file for multiple members across all funds and lodge via the ATO Portal.

Analytical Insights

Quickly and easily identify potential SMSF compliance breaches at a glance by filtering fund data across your entire database in seconds.

Annual Tax Statement Tool

Simplify end of the year processing when entering your annual tax statements by automating the generation of distribution tax components.

Fund Transfer

Transfer funds from one Simple Fund 360 subscription to another with a few mouse clicks. Move across all fund details and full transaction history.

Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter, faster and with more accuracy with Simple Fund 360’s artificial intelligence powered smart transaction matching and review technology.

BGL SmartDocs

Quickly turn your SMSF paperwork into usable, digital data with our AI-powered document reader, BGL SmartDocs!

Xero App Certified Partner

Sync your Simple Fund 360 and Xero Practice Manager contacts and receive real time alerts from Simple Fund 360 into your Xero HQ activity dashboard.

Growing Ecosystem

Connect with 350+ Ecosystem partners and data feeds including banks, brokers, registries, actuaries, audit solutions, document providers and more!

Engage by BGL

Engage by BGL is a next generation mobile app to make your SMSF business stand out from the crowd by helping you to better engage with your clients!

Features available:

  • Member Allocation Overview
  • Investment and Pensions Dashboards
  • Tracking of Contributions Limits
  • Trustee Query for easy communication with clients

Join over 7,500 clients managing 270,000+ funds!

Simple Fund 360 Pricing

$110excl. GST

Per fund, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 funds.
Sold in 1 fund increments thereafter.
Also available in a monthly subscription.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Support
  • Simple Migration 
  • On-Demand Training
  • 30 days money back guarantee


$40excl. GST

Per fund, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 funds.
Sold in 1 fund increments thereafter.

$40excl. GST

Per fund, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 funds.
Sold in 1 fund increments thereafter.

"Simple Fund 360 has helped us streamlining processes and also allowed us to achieve an increase in efficiency and client engagement via its unique mobile app Engage by BGL. "

Ryan Richardson
TNM Consulting

"I’m so happy that we moved to Simple Fund 360. Not only are our lives so much easier, but the team’s productivity is improved, and clients are getting a better service."

Christine Benson
Poole Group

"Moving from desktop to Simple Fund 360 was a no brainer as we transition into a fully cloud based practice. The software is fantastic to use and has improved our efficiency two-fold. I can’t recommend Simple Fund 360 highly enough!"

Sam Berrell
HK Partners

"In the last 12 months I've grown to absolutely love Simple Fund 360 and the improvements that have made my SMSF work so much fun. Extremely happy with the workpapers tool!!"

Ruby Tong
Integrity Tax Solutions

"With Simple Fund 360, we are able to manage a high volume of funds and still establish a consistent relationship with clients. Best software for SMSFs, efficient and complete."

Anthea Wainman
Galluccio Griggs
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*Bank Data Pack allows you to fully automate the flow of data from all major banks directly into Simple Fund 360.

*The Share Data Pack allows you to receive Quarterly Holding Balances from ComputerShare, Link Market Services and Boardroom as well as automatically upload buy and sell transactions from all major Australian Brokers.

We partner with the best to deliver a superior experience.

Connecting you to industry-leading providers! Check out our full BGL Ecosystem.

Visit the help article for a full list of accounts available through the BGL Bank Data Service:

BankStatements powered by ILLION

Over 140 brokers are supported by Simple Fund 360. Visit the help article for a full listing:

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