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Intelligent, cloud-based software to help accountants streamline CGT compliance management and administration for Trusts, Companies and Individuals.

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Empowering Accounting Professionals

Grow your trust investment and portfolio management business with BGL’s non-super cloud Investment Portfolio software solution – Simple Invest 360!

Developed with the same innovative, award-winning technology as our SMSF administration solution, Simple Fund 360; Simple Invest 360 provides robust CGT record-keeping, trust portfolio financial reporting and smart artificial intelligence powered categorisation and data capture.

Support For All Entities

Simple Invest 360 supports SMSFs, Trusts, Companies and Individuals, allowing users to view all entities in one easy to use platform with a unified set of financials and CGT records.

Double-Entry Accounting

Simple Invest 360 boasts a robust double-entry general ledger solution with a fully integrated investment register and depreciable assets module.

Investment Accounting

Simple Invest 360 provides for automated Australian capital gains transactions, depreciation and GST recording, calculation and reporting.

Accounting Workpapers

Simple Invest 360 automates accounting workpapers, allowing users to easily upload documents, track workflow and send entities for review. Simple Invest 360 also improves accuracy of CGT records with notifications of missed corporate actions and the most powerful HIN/SRN registry integration in the industry.

Corporate Actions

Simple Invest 360 automatically notifies users of which ASX corporate actions have taken place throughout the financial year and the processing takes just a few mouse clicks!

Trust Compliance & Streaming

Control trust compliance with advanced streaming options for Discretionary & Testamentary Trust for Franked and CGT income.

Feeds and Ecosystems

Connect with 300+ Ecosystem partners and data feeds including banks, brokers, registries, document providers and more!

Artificial Intelligence

Work smarter, faster and with more accuracy with AI-powered transaction matching and review technology.

Digital Signing

Streamline your Trust declarations and Minutes and have them digitally signed using Adobe Sign or DocuSign. Export to Adobe PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.

BGL SmartDocs

Quickly turn your Investment paperwork into usable, digital data with our AI-powered document reader, BGL SmartDocs!

Full BGL Suite Integration

Share contact and address details between Simple Fund 360, Simple Invest 360, CAS 360 and Xero Practice Manager. Import Trusts and Companies from CAS 360.

Engage by BGL

Engage by BGL is a next-generation mobile app to make your business stand out from the crowd by helping you to better engage with your clients!

Features available:

  • Investment Dashboard
  • Investment Detailed View
  • Trustee Query for easy communication with clients

Go beyond manual data entry and grow your business with Simple Invest 360!

Simple Invest 360 Pricing

$100excl. GST

Per Entity, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 Entities.
Sold in 1 Entity increments thereafter.
Also available in a monthly subscription.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Support
  • ASX, UUT and international daily prices 
  • Foreign Exchange and Corporate Action data included
  • 30 day money back guarantee

$400excl. GST

$200 per annum after the first year.
  • Share Data Pack included
  • Bank Data Pack included


$40excl. GST

Per Entity, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 Entities.
Sold in 1 Entity increments thereafter.

$40excl. GST

Per Entity, per annum.
Initial minimum purchase of 5 Entities.
Sold in 1 Entity increments thereafter.

“The input of source information has many different options you can use. It is impossible not to save time with Simple Invest 360.”

Linda Humphries
Clarke & Brownrigg

“Simple Invest 360 is a ‘game-changer’ in terms of time-saving, cost efficiencies and overall administrative cohesion across both of our core divisions.”

Brett Jackson
Lantana Private Wealth

“Easy to use cloud base software with smart transactions matching, great for keeping CGT records. "Live" portfolio reports and review function to keep you up to date with your current investments, projected CGT and tax planning.”

Olga Petrovskaya
Sinclair Wilson

“Tax compliance (income tax and CGT) and performance reporting at a relatively cost effective price.”

Michael Kingston
Kingston Financial Pty Limited

“Makes it easy to track shares and dividends especially when clients may not supply all of the documentation you can reconstruct history. Quickly do CGT calcs and reports.”

Amber Williams
Trident Business Group

*Bank Data Pack allows you to fully automate the flow of data from all major banks directly into Simple Invest 360.

*The Share Data Pack allows you to receive Quarterly Holding Balances from ComputerShare, Link Market Services and Boardroom as well as automatically upload buy and sell transactions from all major Australian Brokers.

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