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2018 SMSF Insights Report

About the Report

In the current competitive and constant changing accounting industry, SMSF
services have become a key part of many practices service offerings.

As an ongoing SMSF industry thought leader, BGL engaged Bstar, a research business
advisory solutions provider, to prepare an independent Report and share some valuable
insights in relation to:

  • The demographic profile of SMSF members;
  • The top revenue and profit drivers for practices offering SMSF services;
  • Opinions on minimum effective SMSF balances;
  • Key professional services operating costs; and
  • SMSF outlook, growth, challenges and accounting practice benchmarks.

The focus of this Report is limited to key SMSF practice management issues for accountants
and recommendations on how to grow SMSF services. It includes data from BGL for the 2015,
2016 and 2017 financial years for large numbers of SMSFs┬╣.

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