What to expect in 2019

Now in its 3rd year, BGL REGTECH has made its mark on the accounting and financial services industry with its balance of technical, educational and entertaining content.

At this year's event, be inspired by our diverse group of industry experts and thought leaders as we explore 'Humanology' (Humans + Technology):

When human genius and the best technology work seamlessly together to create remarkable outcomes for your business!

Our Lineup

Be inspired by our diverse group of industry experts and thought leaders.

David Boyar

Founder & MD at Sequel CFO and From the Trenches Podcast Presenter

David earned his CA at a mid tier accounting firm where he quickly realised there wasn't that much value in producing year end accounts 18 months after business owners could have acted on the information.

For the last 5 years David has worked as a specialist CFO for SMes offering financial mentoring, cashflow budgeting, monthly business insight reports and cloud integration. At the start of 2016 he co-founded the Virtual CFO Association and in December 2016 his company, Sequel CFO began franchising to mobilise the experienced work force of accountants in industry and bring their expertise to SMEs.

Sharon McClafferty

Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Slipstream Coaching

Sharon is a razor sharp analyst who thoroughly enjoys reviewing the financial data she collects in the course of a business performance review. She skilfully cuts through the noise to reveal the business behind the numbers and formulates a strategic plan to help her clients achieve long-term goals. Sharon’s clients attest to the effectiveness of her insights and recommendations which frequently result in outstanding, multiple business improvements.

Working in the financial services sector since 2006, Sharon has met with the owners of over 1000 accounting and financial planning firms.

David New

Chief Sales Officer at Spotlight Reporting

A hands on and results focused senior executive with extensive experience across a range of disciplines including developing and driving strategy, sales leadership, organisational change management, channel development and growing and mentoring highly effective teams.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial software industry, helping small businesses, accounting firms and bookkeeping businesses to become more efficient, productive and profitable, particularly through the adoption of cloud based technology, is something David is very passionate about.


Daniel Tramontana

General Manager at BGL Corporate Solutions

Daniel joined BGL in 1997 after having completed a degree in computer science and accounting. Before joining BGL, Daniel worked in public practice for several years.

Daniel completed an MBA in 2004. Daniel was promoted to BGL Operations Manager in 2005 and became General Manager in 2008. Daniel is responsible for all operations and the design and implementation of BGL’s business strategies.

Daniel has a great passion for leadership. He loves family, the occasional selfie and life. Carpe Diem!

Andrew Van De Beek

Founder and Director of illumin8 Partners

I’m Andrew, and although I might not look like one, I’m an accountant. I’m the founder of illumin8 where I lead an amazing team that share my passion for helping small business owners do more of what they love. What small business owners need from an accountant is different. The days of just doing the books and filing tax returns are gone. Accountants of today and tomorrow need to be more and do more.

We’re lucky, we don’t have the legacy of the old world of accounting. All we know is cloud based, advisory lead accounting. I always push the boundaries, it’s the only way I can make the difference I want to make. I ask lots of questions. I listen to the answers and I’m not afraid to challenge what I hear.

The result of my approach is that my team are empowered to make decisions and to support their clients. They’ve got the freedom to think for themselves. That’s a big reason why we’ve won multiple accounting industry awards and why I was named as Australia’s accounting industry Thought Leader of the Year.

I’m proud of our successes but what means more is what we do for our clients. And because of the awesomeness of my team, it means I’m able to spend more time with my amazing family in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. If I can squeeze in some me time you’ll find me watching my beloved Utah Jazz while sipping a wonderful whisky.


Ron Lesh

Founder and Managing Director at BGL Corporate Solutions

Ron attained a Bachelor of Business in 1980, qualified as an Australian Chartered Accountant in 1992 and completed a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology in 1987. Ron worked for a number of accounting practices and became a practice principal in 1985. In 1989, Ron left full time professional accounting to join BGL Corporate Solutions and in 1991 became Managing Director.

Ron is a Registered Tax Agent and Company Auditor and has extensive experience in Corporations Law, Taxation and Superannuation matters. Ron is a Fellow of Chartered Accountant ANZ, Australian Institute Management and the CEO Institute.

He is without any doubt an industry expert and thought leader.

Event Agenda

Dates and Locations

We will be hitting the road in August 2019, stopping in all major capital cities.

8.00am to 2.00pm


Tuesday, 6 August
Convention Centre


Wednesday, 7 August
Doltone House
Darling Island


Tuesday, 13 August
Convention Centre


Wednesday, 14 August
Convention Centre


Tuesday, 20 August
Convention Centre

Who Should Attend?

SMSF Professionals

Accountants, administrators, advisers, financial planners, auditors and other professionals working with self-managed super funds (SMSFs).

Company Professionals

Company directors, secretaries, administrators, specialists and other professionals responsible for meeting company compliance obligations.

BGL clients and non-clients

If you're an SMSF or Company professional looking to simplify your admin, streamline your processes or learn about RegTech, this event is for you.

Why Attend?

It was a very well organised and thought provoking event.

Nicole Terrett

It was great & all speakers and exhibitors were fantastic.

Julie Coldwell

Great morning. Great speakers.
Been with BGL since 1997 and have never looked back.

Wendy Macdonald

Great event! Invaluable insights, full stop!!

Adrian Leung

Excellent balance of motivational and technical about the product.

Lewis Walker

I found RegTech extremely innovative and exciting. It has given me some amazing ideas to take away and implement into practice. Thank you so much!

Narelle Cipriano

It was an informative event.
Great speakers and presentation material. Thanks for organising!

Shradha Shrestha

Great information and food for thought.
Absolutely love Rons passion for his business

Tracey Keily

Great event. Good time slot, good content.

Phil Ruth

Great event and timing was perfect.

Sam Rotberg

Really enjoyed attending today! All speakers were very insightful!

Antonella Cannizzaro

Great event giving us the ability to think outside the box
and be a part of the solution rather than the problem.

Dinesh Nanayakkara

It was very informative and I liked the
lighthearted banter from the presenters.

Elinor Esperat

Left with a new revived spring in my step. I just hope it
will last and does not get overwhelmed by the daily grind.

John Bergmans

Always a fantastic event- Thanks team

Jodie Smith

Thank you it was a very professional and thought provoking event.

Brian Michaels

Loved the event, I look forward to it every year 🙂 Cheers

Donovan Bolar

Great event, speakers were very insightful and the reps
at the stalls were friendly and helpful. Well done!!

Dexter Menezes

Creative and innovative. thought provoking.

Janet Fernandes

I thought the BGL Regtech was great. Best one I had been to for a while.

Sheila Haynes

Very informative. Great to see the future of
BGL and what is coming up. Very exciting stuff.

Jacqui Frith

The event was very well organised and had fantastic speakers.

Daniel Alway

Great Day, and my entire team also were very impressed.

Carol Roos

I found many of the sessions to be inspiring.
And of course the software is great.

Nerissa Coote

First time attendee and what a great event!

Cassandra Raath

Really interesting day with some great speakers.
Exceeded my expectations and very glad I came along.

Ben Duthie

Hello, thankyou for a great event today. Very inspirational.

Paula Mews

Informative, enlightening & entertaining presentations and excellent hospitality. We came away with lots to think about, talk about and implement.

Karen Sinnott

1st time at event. Really enjoyed it.

Cindy Shearer

Great presentations excellent material. Thanks

Robert Northcoat

Well presented and at the forefront

Vishen Bisnath

Great inspiring, relevant and interesting event. Thanks team!

Tracey Scotchbrook

Great event, we have now been 2 years in a row and find it helpful, well presented and informative! Good job by all.

Caroline Brown

Pumped to get some ideas going in my practice after
finding a couple of great innovations I was not aware of.

Tracey Chester

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many
specialists all at once. Really worthwhile.

Barry Morgan

Enjoyed today’s event showing how proactive BGL have become and how supportive they are for accountants using their software.

Mark Deem

Entertaining and motivating - good speakers and information.

Alison Burgess

Great Day with that incredible WOW!!! moment
at the end from Ron.Thank you guys!

Geoff Gillette

Great informative day. Well deigned and focused
on the industry and those involved in it.

Stephen Marlor

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