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It’s time to start FRESH!

Here are a few reasons WHY you should move to the cloud!

Better value for money!

– Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability.
– Greater automation – Save up to 50% of your time!
– Many more features to better serve your clients.
– On-time updates. No infrastructure cost!

Increased security, higher flexibility.

– AWS hosted – the world’s most secure cloud platform.
– Daily data back-ups and periodic security audits.
– Multi-factor authentication to ramp up security.
– More flexibility – work from anywhere, anytime!

Easy migration, awarded support.

– Easy migration – no data loss!
– On-boarding program with a dedicated team. 
– On-demand training and FREE e-learning channel.
– Live Chat, Knowledge Centre and much more!

Advanced Technology: Do more in less time!

Simple Fund Desktop vs Simple Fund 360

Watch demo!

See WHAT other businesses that already migrated have to say…

Antonella CannizzaroV.P. Cannizzaro & Co

Migration from desktop to Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 is a smooth transition. Using the cloud based software is timely and productive efficient – so simple to use and BGL provide regular webinars for new features updates in both products!

Luke MartinLowe Lippmann Chartered Accountants

The functionality and processing ability of BGL 360 is far superior to BGL desktop. Time saved on the processing allows for attention to the ever increasing compliance burden. Real time reporting is a reality, it is here, and BGL 360 has the capabilities to deliver.

Belinda HensonHarwood Chartered Accountants

You will gain so much time no longer needing to manually locate corporate actions and reconcile income. The confidence you will gain from the cross checking capabilities will blow you away. Simple Fund 360 is already so fabulous, and the improvements are coming thick and fast, it will be the best move you ever made.

Nicky SmitNicolette Smit

Migrating the existing clients was made so simple by BGL. Once in it the benefits are immediate to see: All your clients appear on a dashboard; no long you need to import the bank feeds – they are automatically updated; and more! Having worked on Desktop for over 11 years I was initially apprehensive to move, but it really was simple.

Kate GallowayCorcoran & Associates

CAS 360 is a 100% improvement to CAS Desktop as is easier to use, more up to date and being in the Cloud gives much more flexibility especially during these strange times with working from home etc. All the functionality in a simple to use program.

Donna DeclaseAllens

Setting up a new company is so much easier in CAS 360 than it is in Desktop, as well as generating forms for lodgement. The processes are seamless.

Anthea WainmanGalluccio Griggs

Don’t be scared to migrate - it’s a simple transition and MUCH more benefits to the data entry process in Simple Fund 360. Do it!

James RushRush Group

Just do it – saves time 30%, plus more enriched features, more secure and your data is backed up!

Hugh McFarlanePhilip Sachs & Associates

Having migrated about three years ago I have no hesitation in any member doing it as soon as possible. The perceived cost increase is easily covered by better productivity and many more tools and options.

Anna ForcellaLCI Partners

Don’t hesitate in moving across to Simple Fund 360. The features and the benefits are fantastic. It provides a very high level of up to date information and the level of automation has increased time efficiencies immeasurably.

Stefano LanuzzaGardiner Hall & Co

Like using any new software, it may seem hard at first, but there are some familiar patterns. Easy bank feeds, easier year end share prices, better & more reports including letters etc. Using the various support options has now become more manageable & easier to use. No regrets migrating across.

Yvonne KoschelSedley Koschel Financial Group

If a firm wants to be able to compete in the market, you cannot stay with Desktop! Desktop does not allow you to improve production time whereas Simple Fund 360 enables growth to the user, the firm and the client.

Dave ConlanJD Campbell Consulting

Don’t be reluctant – I was a little apprehensive, but very glad we made the move. Much better with many more tools.

Alaina DaleML Partners Pty Ltd

We moved to SF360 and have never looked back. The processing of our Funds has improved two-fold and we are now able to spend more valuable time on the Finishing touches of the Fund with regards to Advice. The Cloud is the way of the Future and places our Firm on the front foot with the Most Current of Trends.

Narelle CiprianoNickless Miller Meehans

Once you get going you won’t know why you didn’t do it earlier!

Sam RotbergAlexander Spencer

To improve efficiency and be able to access information from anywhere and anytime cloud is a must.

Sam DellaBosca Maggs Reid Stewart

BGL’s AI features in the cloud leave other accounting software providers in the dust. I also work with both QBO Online & Xero and BGL surpasses what these 2 offer in terms of onboarding transaction data and matching.

Anne WrightThe Field Group

We switched to CAS 360 during beta mode and have not looked back. Since then the product has continued to be enhanced and updated. Cost can be a reason people might hesitate to migrate, but if you charge the client an annual fee, the cost can be easily absorbed. Plus, it saves you so much time.

Samantha BennettPeter Woods and Associates

Be prepared for the unexpected – in the current pandemic, being in the cloud allows flexibility for working from anywhere.

Bianca TielenGalpins Accountants

The time savings are incredible and as a result we have been able to dedicate resources to tidying up our CAS 360 database. Electronic signing is a complete game-changer! Also, the ability to locate forms instantly has saved hours of work in filing and accessing information. I’m the biggest CAS 360 advocate!

Michele RomanoMuro Group

A fund that would traditionally take us 10 hours to complete/prepare for audit, it’s now done in half of the time. Plus, with Simple Fund 360 it is real live data – being processed on the monthly, weekly, daily process. The information is there, and you can make decisions when you need.

How we can help you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is BGL's desktop solutions being discontinued?

An end of product life date for CAS Desktop and Simple Fund Desktop has not yet been confirmed, but upcoming legislative events may force us to do so earlier than intended.

We will inform all our clients once a date is set. In the meantime, we invite you to watch our CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 product demos.

What are my options for migration from desktop to the cloud?

* Note: There is currently no direct migration process between Simple Ledger and Simple Invest 360. 

How easy is it to get all the current Desktop data onto CAS 360 or Simple Fund 360?

Our processes are made easy for you. You can opt to do the migration independently (DIY) or assisted by a team of experts (FREE service).

More information about migration from CAS desktop to CAS 360 can be found here.

More information about migration from Simple Fund desktop to Simple Fund 360 can be found here.

What data is transferred from CAS to CAS 360 as part of the migration?

All company data is migrated across. This includes Company details, Member and Officer details, all member and officer history.

All Company Documents will also be migrated. These documents can be viewed from CAS 360’s Documents Screen.

What information will not be migrated from CAS Desktop to CAS 360?

Edge Username and Password; custom created templates for minutes and resolutions; default settings that don’t exist in CAS 360; the ASIC Service Address and Letter Address.

Do I have to migrate all my Simple Fund Desktop data at once?

The choice is yours, each fund can be individually selected and migrated or you can select a group or all of your funds. Each fund takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes per average size fund with 10 years of history. This can vary depending on how many funds are being migrated and what you internet speed is like at the time of migration.

What will happen to my fees already paid for Simple Fund Desktop?

When purchasing Simple Fund 360, you will purchase the fund level you require for a full 12 month subscription. We will then pro-rata rebate your Simple Fund Desktop Subscription Renewal fees already paid. Client will get the choice to remain on Simple Fund Desktop or transition to Simple Fund 360.

What will happen if I'm already using the BGL Bank Data and Contract Note services in Simple Fund Desktop?

These data feeds will be migrated from Simple Fund Desktop to Simple Fund 360 automatically. More information can be found here.

Why is there a cost difference between BGL desktop solutions and cloud solutions?

Our cloud-based solutions are designed to make users lives easier. The automation levels are incredibly higher than in our desktop solutions – simple manual processes can be done in half of the time, if not less. The increase in productivity, efficiency and profitability resultant of more features, regular automatic software update releases and greater automation of processes, makes CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 a complete and better value for money option.

But don’t just take our word for it… Hear what our clients who already migrated have to say!

How secure is the platform?

BGL is also ISO 27001 certified.

Our cloud-based solutions are hosted in AWS, the world’s most secure cloud platform. We run daily data back-ups and periodic security audits. Plus, we use multi-factor authentication to ramp up security in our cloud-based systems. For those and many other reasons, security levels in the cloud are higher than in desktop.

How can I access CAS 360 and/or Simple Fund 360?

Both, CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360, are cloud-based solutions – This means that you wouldn’t need to download anything, and the software is simply accessible from an Internet Browser with an internet connection available. Both products are supported in Internet Browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge. The links to the login pages can be bookmarked in your Internet Browser, and you can also create a shortcut to login from your Desktop.

How can I get started?

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