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SMSF Foundations Course

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Total course fee is $550 including GST and provides 21 accredited CPD hours.

The SMSF Foundations Course has been built by leading SMSF specialist, Aaron Dunn, CEO of co-founder of Smarter SMSF. The course contains 6 modules, providing a total of 21 accredited CPD hours, which can be applied towards obligations with the SMSF Association, the major accounting bodies (CPA, CAANZ, IPA), Tax Practitioner’s Board, and for FASEA purposes.

All modules include interactive activities, workbooks, additional supporting materials, and important links (e.g. rulings). Each module includes CPD assessment that must be completed as you work through the course.

Course provided by Smarter SMSF, hosted by BGL.

Aaron Dunn, Course Author
SMSF Specialist Advisor & CPA, Smarter SMSF

On successful completion of the course, students should be able to:


Identify the different types of superannuation funds that exist and list the advantages and disadvantages of SMSFs.

Explain the requirements to operate an SMSF, including the trustee structure, requirements of the trust deed and a trustee’s responsibilities.

Outline the key requirements of trustees preparing and maintaining a fund’s investment strategy.

Explain the investment restrictions imposed on how a trustee can invest within a SMSF.

Explain the different types of contributions that can be made into superannuation and the limitation in making contributions.

Outline the different types of pensions that can be paid from a SMSF and how benefits can generally be paid to a fund member.

Describe the taxation issues specific to SMSFs, including the different tax rates and exemptions that apply within a fund.

Explain the different statutory requirements that a trustee must adhere to in running a SMSF.


How long do I have access to the course online?

Four months from the date of purchase. You will get access to any changes made to modules throughout this time should you wish to revisit the materials during this time.

What is included within the purchase of the course?

Each module includes self-paced audio and video based learning, along with a range of supporting materials including workbooks within each module (180+ pages in total), links to important references (e.g. ATO rulings), sample documents provided by Smarter SMSF and other supporting materials.

How often is the course updated?

The course is regularly reviewed and updates made within a reasonable timeframe following any superannuation and tax laws changes.

If I have a question throughout the course, how do I get help?

You can contact Smarter SMSF at any time throughout the completion of the modules. Contact details are included within each module.

When does the CPD certificate get issued?

Immediately after successful completion of all modules and assessments.

Can more than one person within the organisation complete the course?

A CPD certificate is only issued for the registered user that purchases the course.

Who is the course built for?

  • Individual with up to intermediate knowledge on SMSFs 
    • e.g. up to 3 years experience as SMSF practitioner
  • General practitioners working with SMSF clients – need to update core knowledge on current superannuation and SMSF rules
  • Development of offshore teams CPD training

Who is the course NOT built for?

  • Professionals with ‘specialist’ level knowledge of SMSFs
    • Some modules may be advantageous as a refresher (e.g. taxation of SMSFs)