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We have recently released the ability to register company with ASIC directly inside CAS 360, but why should your firm use this feature?

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1. The need for speed and and to never double enter data

The company registration featuring CAS 360 has been beautifully designed to make the process the quickest way for you to register companies.

If the Directors or Shareholders are already in an existing company that you manage, the records are already in CAS 360 you don’t need to add their data again, you simply select them and prepare the documents. This also ensures consistency across your data, eliminating any possibility of duplicate records

2. Instant registration certificate and full registration pack

When Registering your companies inside CAS 360 you will receive your registration certificate from ASIC instantly. This allows you to quickly prepare the full company registration document set and deliver it to your client.

All documents are able to be digitally signed and email delivered.

3. Only pay the ASIC fee

There is no surcharge or additional markup on company registrations in CAS 360. Your firm is only required to pay the ASIC registration fee.

This provides your firm with more costing flexibility when charging this service to your client. And well maybe more profit 😉  

4. Flexible constitution

If your firm already has a default company constitution template you can easily add this to CAS 360 and use the merge Fields provided in the CAS 360 dictionary to pre-fill company specific data per constitution

Don’t have a constitution template? Coming soon you will also be able to purchase constitutions of our integration partners, leading document providers Topdocs, ACIS and many more.

5. Instant payment

When registering Companies with ASIC through CAS 360 the payment to ASIC is automatically handled via direct debit.

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