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Software vs eBooks

By June 20, 2018June 26th, 2018Homepage, News

At times one shakes one’s head in amazement.

We at BGL think it is important software companies actually provide their clients with software. That is why our Team focused on providing our clients with the 2018 SMSF Annual Return and the complete TBAR system well ahead of time.

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That is also why we think getting compliance such as the CGT Reset right the first time is important. That is why we have focused on new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to provide incredible efficiencies for our clients.  That is why we have published new software for our clients every 3 weeks for over 3 years. That is why we now have over 4,000 clients and 150,000 funds on Simple Fund 360 and why we are growing 3 times as fast as any of our competitors.  Because we think publishing software and focusing on what our clients want and need is really important.

Others however, do not seem to think the same way as us.

Others think it is more important to be publishing eBooks than software. So while their clients patiently wait for the software they need to do their work so they can service their clients, these others are publishing self serving eBooks that are all about them. They seem to be more important to them than publishing software.

So if you are considering SMSF admin software you need to ask yourself a question: Should I get my SMSF admin software from a software company that delivers (publishes) software or from a software company that publishes eBooks ?

I think the answer to that question is very simple indeed!!

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