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BGL ramps up focus on integration

By October 23, 2017Homepage, News

BGL has ramped up its focus on building data integration with the accounting community through its cloud products, CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360.

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“The number one thing accountants want from their software packages is integration” says BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh. “We understand many firms use different practice management and tax software so it is important to ensure our software integrates with as many of the available solutions as possible”.

“At Smithink’s ATSA 2017 last week, the accounting suppliers talked a lot about integration” noted Lesh, “Integrating with cloud products with open API’s is pretty easy, but integrating with desktop products with no or limited API’s is a real problem”.

BGL has over 20 years experience in connecting businesses with all types of integration and data feeds. The BGL Ecosystem now includes 200+ integration partners including banks, brokers, wrap accounts, registries, actuary and document providers, practice management solution providers and a host of other industry software solutions. “We are miles ahead of the pack” stated Lesh.

“There has been a lot of misinformation around integration and data feeds about reliability, security and accuracy of the data,” added Lesh. “It’s a bit like kids in schoolyard saying ‘mine is bigger than yours’ but in reality, all integrations and data feeds are very similar and claims that one is better than another is absolute rubbish”.

While others continue to talk about their integration and data feeds, BGL simply continues to deliver new feeds to clients. “The biggest change over the past 6 months has been our introduction of registry data feeds” said Lesh. “Simple Fund 360 is the ONLY SMSF admin solution to connect to the registries and the ONLY SMSF admin solution to provide ‘source of truth’ confirmations of listed security holding balances. Getting holding balances from brokers we all know is simply unreliable”.

BGL will continue to add further integration and data feeds with accounting and financial service industry suppliers over the next 12 months.


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