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Stage 2 of BGL’s AI Assistant released

By August 24, 2018January 16th, 2019Homepage, News

We are always looking for new ways to help our clients make the shift from annual processing to more regular processing.

Stage 2 of our AI Deep Learning Research introduces ‘Smart Matching’ – an innovation that will dramatically improve the transaction matching process for Simple Fund 360 clients, so they can work faster, smarter and with more accuracy!

An industry first Code Free SMSF bank processing.

The AI and Big Data Update includes:

  • View 4x more transactions on screen
  •  New improved filters and sort functions eg search by Amount range and sort by description
  •  New Rebuilt Chart Selector  that provides for Control and Sub Account seperation
  • 360’s Deep Learning (AI) categorise all your Normal Account and Control A/C transactions, based on a confidence.
  • New Data Entry – Spreadsheet, combining desktop copy & paste functionality with above AI categorisation.
  • New Create Rule preview. – provides real time transparency of a transaction rule match, removing the previous matching delay
  • New auto grouping  into recognised function of all similar transactions
  • New simpler more intuitive transaction split function

Simple Fund 360 new features also include:

1. TBAR Cancelations Option:

Allow clients to cancel events previously lodged to the ATO

2. Corporate Actions  Update:

Notifications have been added to the Corporate Actions dashboard to support the following takeovers:

  •  Independence Group NL (IGO) takeover of Sirius Resources NL (SIR)
  •  Vocus Communications (VOC) takeover of M2 Group (MTU)
  •  Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd (PRG) takeover of Skilled Group Ltd (SKE)

3. Corporate Actions Help Link:

A link to the online help can be accessed by selecting “Action”.

4. Xero HQ integration now available

5. One-Click Integration with ASF Audits now supported.

6. New Fund Workflow:

Trustee type filter (corporate or individual) added

7. New Banks now supported:

  • Greater Bank (formerly Greater Building Society Ltd),
  • Beyond Bank
  • Regional Australia Bank

8. New Broker added: 

  • Fat Prophets Pty Ltd.

9. Create Entries:

Calculations updated for both actuary and manual percentages for deemed segregation.

10. Fund Pension Policies (Actuary Wizard):

New validations have been added to the wizard, Namely:

  • Member Age cannot be greater than 120
  • The account opening/closing balance cannot be negative
  • Validation if member’s end of the day running balance is negative on any day during the Financial Year
  • Sum of member opening/closing balance plus reserve opening/closing balance should be equal to fund balance
  • Sum of all the transactions and opening balance should be equal to the closing balance of the account.
  • Minimum of one pension member
  • Each pension account must have at least one pension type

11. Transfer Balance Dashboard:

Lodged date for events now displaying on member dashboard.

12. BAS Form P updated for Simpler BAS.

13. Commutations / Pension Reset / Pension Rollback :

CC2 and CC4 event types now supported for these transactions.

14. Balance Review:

Mergers, Code Changes and Delisted Company events occurred during the year are now displayed on the screen.

15. New columns added to Fund Export:

Corp. Trustee and Company Name


For more information, please check the BGL Community.


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