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“Just DO IT! CAS 360 practically does everything for you”

By March 17, 2020April 1st, 2020Case Study, Homepage

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Murray, Partner at Accounting Firm Tester Porter Services, to talk about the challenges he has faced and overcome in his endeavours to help clients.

Since joining Tester Porter in 1996, Scott has implemented many new tech systems to keep the firm up to date and in some cases ahead of other firms. After migrating his team to Xero Practice Manager, Scott looked to BGL’s CAS 360 to simplify the annual review process and automate some of the steps with their corporate secretarial services.

“We had recently migrated to Xero Practice Manager and were hoping to integrate the client database and remove the need to maintain 2 client databases, which did happen with the integration with CAS 360 & XPM”.

It wasn’t long before Scott and his team started to see the benefits of CAS 360.

How have you specifically benefited from CAS 360?

“The process of preparing documents and tracking documents with ASIC (and the clients ASIC fees) is easy in CAS 360. It takes less time to do more work”.

What are the results you have experienced since you started using CAS 360?

“We are spending less time processing ASIC documents since implementing CAS360. Plus, with the XPM integration, all the company information (client database) to complete documents is automatically merged so you are not typing the same information over and over. Client details are integrated from XPM so very rarely is there doubling up of the same client”.

What specific feature (s) do you enjoy most about CAS 360?

“Multi-company documents – for producing the required documents for multiple changes within a company and the Automated Reminders for Annual Review fees, debtor reminder (email or SMS)”.

How is the integration between CAS 360 and XPM helping you?

“We’re more efficient – definitely saving time so we can focus on other activities”

What are the key takeaways of using CAS 360 for your business?

“CAS 360 is easy and efficient. Details of companies and company contacts all set up within CAS 360 make it easy to produce documents, lodge documents with ASIC, follow up payment of Annual Review fees and so on”.

If your best friend was on the fence about trying CAS 360, what would you tell them?

“Just DO IT! CAS 360 practically does everything for you”.

About Tester Porter Services

Tester Porter Services has been providing accounting, tax and compliance services for over 100 years from its base in Young, New South Wales. Its clients include primary producers, small businesses, investors, professional sports people and superannuation funds. Visit their website to learn more – www.testerporter.com.au


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