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Accountants: The unsung heroes of COVID-19

By May 4, 2020BGL Update, Homepage

BGL says we need to recognise the extraordinary contribution made by accountants, bookkeepers and financial planners during COVID-19.

“Our clients are doing it really tough” says Ron Lesh, BGL Managing Director. “They are working 16+ hour days to help their clients through the incredible complexity of the government’s COVID-19 support packages while dealing with the same financial difficulties in their own business”.

There has been much well-earned praise for our hospital workers, emergency workers, the staff at Coles and Woolworths, the many thousands of food retailers, restaurant owners and all the others battling to keep the Australian economy alive during this crisis. But nothing has been said about the incredible contribution made by those helping Australia’s 2,000,000 + small business survive the economic carnage.

“One thing New Zealand got right through their shutdown is a voucher scheme for accounting services” Lesh observed. “I see the IPA and the CPA’s have been calling for a similar scheme for Australian small businesses. It really is time the government stepped up”.

“I am also incredibly disappointed our politicians and public servants do not seem to want to share the pain and sacrifice made by so many others” added Lesh.” We really are not ALL in this together. If you are a politician or senior public servant, you seem to be in a protected class!”

“I am really concerned about the economy and the mental health of my people, our clients and their clients” said Lesh. “The rhetoric coming from the state premiers and so much of the media really does not help give Australian’s any sense of a positive future – and there is a hell of a lot to be positive about!”

“Employees want to know their jobs are secure and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel” Lesh said. “From Day 1, I went out to our people and told them their jobs are safe – focus on your health and your family. The rest will take care of itself. This period of economic vandalism will end. And you will be able to be with your mum on Mother’s Day – who would have known the Grim Reaper from Spring Street would be so cruel as to ban that!”

“I am really proud of the BGL Team” noted Lesh. “My guys have continued to release market leading software throughout this period. And our clients have continued to benefit from our first-class product support while our account managers have helped those we can.”


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