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CAS 360 Software Update Release June 2021

By June 18, 2021BGL Update, CAS 360

There is no other way to describe this release… It’s a whopper! In CAS 360 Version 65 we bring a heap of new features across Australia and New Zealand while completing our Open Beta feature set for CAS 360 Singapore.

Custom Sender Email Address

You can now use a specific email address when sending emails from CAS 360!

Since the launch of CAS 360 all emails have been sent from [email protected], now you have the ability to use your own email address to have the emails sent from. 

The feature does require some setup and we have provided a help article here >>>

The feature does also have a once-off setup cost of $550 inc GST.

New Document Listing Report

You can now export a listing of all Documents inside CAS 360 at the click of a button!

This export will allow you to download a .csv file, once you have opened the file in MS Excel you will be able to use all the powerful filtering and sorting features in MS Excel to create the document listing report of your dreams.

Trust Distributions

We know it’s that time of year so we have developed a number of new features for discretionary trust distributions to help you complete this work quickly and efficiently!

Specify order – For all three distributions types ‘$’, ‘%’ and ‘Free Text’ distributions you can specify an order on each income component, this order will then be used when preparing the distribution resolution. 

In addition to this, you can now add the same beneficiary twice, when they are receiving two amounts for the same income type. The ‘Free Text’ field has been expanded, and more merge fields have been added so you can make the distribution resolutions look perfect. 

Also if the distributions don’t change from year to year, we have now added the ability to copy a previous distribution. Simply open ‘Review Distributions’ and click ‘Copy’.

Document Review

You can now set who the email is sent from when the document has been through a review!

A new drop-down menu has been added to the email settings screen allowing the user to set the sender as the ‘preparer’ of the documents or as the ‘reviewer’ of the documents.

Dividend Enhancements

Two new improvements to preparing dividends in CAS 360 with the implementation of a new decimal places drop down and the ability to ‘set all TFNs as provided’.

We have also added ‘Manager’ to the selectable options in the Company Selection screen columns, added Trust Deeds to the Trust Documents screen, improved the UI for all system messages and now we will show the user name of the user when overwriting company data with ASIC information.

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