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Thanks a million – CAS 360 hit 1,000,000 Annual Reviews!

Thanks a Million!

Last week CAS 360 passed a major milestone, there has now been more than 1 million ASIC Annual Reviews processed in CAS 360!

This is a massive milestone, and we are so thankful to our clients who use CAS 360 every day to complete their corporate compliance work. Without the faith and trust, you have put into the product we would not have come close to this number, we are forever grateful.  

We built CAS 360 with the intention to streamline and automate as much of the corporate compliance job as possible, the Annual Review was always the centerpiece of this. 

CAS 360 has now over a million times automatically downloaded Annual Reviews from ASIC, automatically alerted the user via the Annual Review Alert, automatically compared the data in CAS 360 to ASIC, and after a few clicks generated the Annual Review document pack, email delivered that pack to the company directors, and automatically marked up for digital signing. 

We hope for all of the CAS 360 clients, we have been able to streamline your processes and allow you to spend more time on other meaningful work. Also, we hope that businesses are receiving their documents earlier and signing them easier than ever before. 

We are also so proud to play a part in generating revenue for our clients. If our clients are charging $250 as a service fee for completing the Annual Review, that means… Oh right,  you’re probably an accountant… You know how much has been generated by firms.

Of course, in 2021 we have made this process even more streamlined with the release of Multi Annual Reviews, allowing users to complete their Annual Reviews for the day/week in one simple process. 

However, we are not done with it yet, we have one of our biggest and best innovations yet to come later in 2021, focused on streamlining one more area of the Annual Review process… Stay tuned!

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