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Your guide to implementing tech in your practice

By November 22, 2021Uncategorised

There are many catalysts that might cause a firm to seek out new systems. That said, a number of common goals appear: the desire to streamline processes, improve internal efficiency, and save time costs to better help clients. The only problem is, it can sometimes be hard to choose the right tech to support those goals for your firm.

Head of Accounting and chartered accountant, Rebecca Mihalic, brings you the ultimate guide to choosing and implementing new tech for your firm. Rebecca has a wealth of experience and has been recognised as ‘Innovator of the year’ in the 2018 Australian Accounting Awards for using technology to support clients and her firm’s growth. This year, Rebecca was selected as the Accounting ‘Thought Leader of the Year’, recognising her contribution to the industry.

Read this guide to learn:

  • The step-by-step process you should follow to ensure successful selection, implementation and integration of new technology within your accounting practice.
  • The change management strategies to ensure your team are aligned, motivated and bought into the process.
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Enjoy the read!

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