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CAS 360 Product Update – July 2022

By July 5, 2022August 18th, 2022BGL Update, CAS 360

It’s been a cold old June here in Melbourne, so hopefully we can warm you up with these new features that we’ve just released in CAS 360!

What's new?

Director Identification Number (Director ID)

We will start with a new favourite, Director ID 🙂 We have now added new Director ID data entry fields when adding a new contact via quick add, and when adding a new officer transaction.

Also, if you are in the officer transaction screen, and the person does not have a Director ID you will be able to add it quickly.

Notes to Reviewer

Next up, you can now add notes when sending a document to a reviewer for review. When sending documents to a reviewer, you may need to add more information as to why documents have been prepared in a certain way. Now you can. The reviewer will see the notes when reviewing the document pack.

User Permissions

New User Permissions have been added to block users from being able to edit document and email templates. These new permissions can be configured in the User Role Settings

Company Registrations for Non-Share (Limited by Guarantee) Companies

The Company Registration process in CAS 360 will now support the creation of Limited by Guarantee Companies.

We have built the whole Company registration process, with support documents for this type of company. This includes modifying our existing company registration document pack, and the addition of 3 new documents: Application for Membership, Members Certificate and a Register of Members Limited by Guarantee.

Best of all, the Limited by Guarantee Company registration can be lodged with ASIC from within CAS 360 🙂

Holding Company Name Change

The Multi Company Contact Name change now includes Holding Companies. When you are preparing a name change CAS 360 will check to see if the contact company is a holding company of any companies. If yes, it will be included in the changes.

As part of this feature, we have updated the ASIC form 484 to include support for the holding company name change. The Directors Meeting minutes / resolution template has also been updated. And, the holding company name change, can now be electronically lodged to ASIC, from within CAS 360.

Cleardocs Integration

Firms that are interested in incorporating companies via a 3rd party have a new option. Users can now start a company incorporation with Cleardocs from within CAS 360.

A new option has been introduced into the Company Registration screen. ‘Register via Provider.’ Clicking on this will take the user to a list of supported providers (only Cleardocs for now) and the user will then be taken to the Cleardocs platform. Companies registered via the Cleardocs site can then be pushed back into CAS 360 with all their data and documents.

Default Agent Signatory

Another great feature in this release is that the ASIC form Agent signatory is now updated if a Partner is attached to the company.

The update includes a number of other new features, including a new document naming convention making document names better for all, a new Register of Substantial Shareholders, a global setting to cc and bcc Partner and Manager contacts, Multiple files being able to be uploaded at once in Document Production and Director ID number formatting.

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  • BGL updates always have something exciting in it. In order to keep the pace with on going world, we all should have to be receptive towards change. Whenever I read blogs, I get something new to work with. In this update, I found this agent signatory very professional.

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