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Our vision and commitment to you

By February 12, 2024BGL Update

This weekend marked my 27 years of service to BGL – and what a journey it has been!

As we move into 2024 and beyond, I am truly honoured to be able to share with you our vision and commitment to you.

Before doing this, I want to express my gratitude for your support and belief in us as an organisation. Your trust and commitment to stand with us over the past three decades is something I do not take for granted. I am very humbled and I honour you for this. You have been foundational and at the same time, inspirational in helping us build the BGL of today.

I am particularly excited to present our WHY for 2024 and beyond.

Here goes…

“We imagine a BGL that empowers our people and community through innovation, connections and shared achievements.”

The full details of our HOW can be found here.

At BGL, we feel strongly about ensuring we have the proper inward and outward focus. Our commitment to our people, giving them space to dream and be the best versions of themselves, is paramount to our success.

Our passion and enthusiasm to deliver you the best service, products and engagement have never been greater. The many great ideas, product enhancements and initiatives we have planned for you will create moments and experiences that will leave you astounded.

This is what excites us!

I look forward to continuing the incredible journey ahead and to being of service to you and your team for many years to come!


Daniel Tramontana
Chief Executive Officer
BGL Corporate Solutions
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