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Daniel Tramontana

Our vision and commitment to you

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This weekend marked my 27 years of service to BGL – and what a journey it has been!

As we move into 2024 and beyond, I am truly honoured to be able to share with you our vision and commitment to you.

Before doing this, I want to express my gratitude for your support and belief in us as an organisation. Your trust and commitment to stand with us over the past three decades is something I do not take for granted. I am very humbled and I honour you for this. You have been foundational and at the same time, inspirational in helping us build the BGL of today.

I am particularly excited to present our WHY for 2024 and beyond.

Here goes…

“We imagine a BGL that empowers our people and community through innovation, connections and shared achievements.”

The full details of our HOW can be found here.

At BGL, we feel strongly about ensuring we have the proper inward and outward focus. Our commitment to our people, giving them space to dream and be the best versions of themselves, is paramount to our success.

Our passion and enthusiasm to deliver you the best service, products and engagement have never been greater. The many great ideas, product enhancements and initiatives we have planned for you will create moments and experiences that will leave you astounded.

This is what excites us!

I look forward to continuing the incredible journey ahead and to being of service to you and your team for many years to come!


Daniel Tramontana
Chief Executive Officer
BGL Corporate Solutions
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A message from our CEO

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Welcome to 2024!

I trust you all had a great Christmas and New Year celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones.

It has been one year since I was appointed CEO at BGL, and if there is one word to sum up 2023 for me, it is gratitude.

I am extremely grateful for your support of our team and products. The sense of belief and trust you have in us is something I do not take for granted. You have helped position us for what I know will be the most exciting times ahead.

After serving BGL and our amazing clients for almost 27 years, my commitment to deliver you moments that astound both in our services and our products is a mandate we all agree on across the team.

As we continue our journey together, I encourage you to invest in and adopt our market-leading technology across all areas of your business. A big focus for this year will be to create greater awareness of the many wonderful features of our products. Features that we encourage you to learn and use, creating the most incredible user and client experiences.

As we step into 2024, I encourage you to look after yourself, continue to invest in your people and commit to creating moments that positively impact all those around you.

I look forward to crossing paths with as many of you as possible in 2024.


Daniel Tramontana
Chief Executive Officer
BGL Corporate Solutions
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Introducing the BGL Executive Team!

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Today is a great day!

It is with much delight that I get to present to you the BGL Executive Team.

The BGL Executive Team comprises of 7 individuals of the highest calibre that will continue to deliver on the strategic and operational requirements of BGL. With a combined experience of 123 years, our products, clients and team could not be in better hands. Let me take a moment to introduce each of them. Here goes:

Nadine Freitag, People & Culture Manager at BGL
Nadine has been instrumental in building people and continuing to strengthen the BGL culture. Nadine has an amazing can-do attitude with an extraordinary commitment to the betterment of BGL. Nadine’s attitude and approach represent everything that makes BGL great.

Adriana Cavallo, Head of Customer Experience (APAC) at BGL
Loved and admired by countless in the industry, Adriana has had exposure to many parts of the BGL business, excelling in all areas. A focused and committed individual who is customer and experience-obsessed and is instrumental in delivering the BGL value proposition. Adriana’s journey is an example and inspiration to countless.

Warren Renden, Head of CAS 360 at BGL
With a relentless focus on product, team and client experience, Warren exceeds client expectations and industry standards. The work of Warren has touched thousands of BGL users. Passionate and determined in every sense, Warren is regarded as one of the industry greats. Warren represents BGL and advocates for clients across multiple external boards.

Jeevan Tokhi, Head of Simple Fund 360 at BGL
Jeevan is an inspiring individual with a broad range of experience who has the incredible capacity to make the complex simple. Jeevan is a strategic thinker with an incredible ability to deliver exceptional outcomes. Jeevan is respected in the industry for his profound impact, knowledge and professionalism. According to him, he is also one of the best-looking in the industry 😆

Ashley Avileli, Chief Technology Officer at BGL
Ashley joined BGL as an IT Administrator and is the most complete and knowledgeable IT professional that I know. Admired and respected for his can-do approach, Ashley and his team keep the BGL engine running—the backbone of BGL. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

Ron Lesh, Founder and Managing Director of BGL
Having started BGL in 1989, Ron’s impact and contribution in and across the industry continue to be profound. Ron’s commitment to building great products together with great people, teams and culture has been key to BGL’s success.

Daniel Tramontana, Chief Executive Officer at BGL
Well, this is awkward. I can’t get away with not including myself here. All I will say is that I am a grateful and passionate individual who loves all things BGL – products, clients and people.

As we venture into the next season of BGL, we are super excited about the opportunities ahead. We will continue to build great products. We will always do our best to deliver exceptional client experiences and moments.

We will do this with the highest level of gratitude and respect for the countless clients (some across 4 decades) who continue to support us with an unwavering belief that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you! ❤️

101 days in! A short reflection…

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A short reflection on my first 101 days as CEO at BGL that I would like to share with you

Here goes…

1. People matter and always will – people make things happen. A good percentage of your time must be allocated to investing in your people.

2. Grow and appoint from within don’t fly them in – I am a huge advocate of this. Apart from providing opportunity, those who step up are the ones who have embraced the business, the culture and the people.

3. Enlarge the shadow – set the stage. The more you grow and build the people, the larger the shadow becomes but you need to be comfortable with the fact that you become lesser and others become more. This is very liberating but requires courage.

4. Focus on the business you are in – keep building amazing products – Why people transact with us, keep investing in who we are to ensure they stay. Don’t be distracted by voices. Invest in your strengths and make points of differentiation difficult to replicate that they remain the source of competitive advantage.

5. Get curious – ask questions and genuinely show interest in what your people do. Take the time to listen and learn. Be visible and within reach of your people. Engage and encourage dialogue.

6. Stay humble and vulnerable – never forget where you came from. Reflect on your steps and draw wisdom from such to carve a better way for the people. Don’t be afraid to say I don’t know and apologise genuinely when you make a mistake.

7. Values do not change. Behaviour doesn’t either – make no excuse for protecting and preserving your culture. Tough decisions are at times needed. Remember, the standard you accept becomes the standard tolerated.

8. Develop – Trust – Belief – release people to holistically be their best. When they are struggling, embrace them. Show mercy, grace, understanding and genuine care. Get them back on their feet and into the game.

9. Gratitude – live it out as often as you can. Be deliberate about it. Send the message. Make the call. Demonstrate your appreciation. Set aside time to be grateful and express gratefulness.

10. Solo doesn’t cut it – develop a strong inner circle of strong and courageous people who are best qualified to do the job, whose best interest is that of the team. People that will challenge and inspire you to be better. Accountability in such circles is 2 way.

11. Tell the story – connect people to the core of who you are and the path travelled. There is so much power in connecting people to the journey and setting them on the path to where you are going.

12. Legacy – the foundation you build on. Not one you discard. A pillar of strength that has weathered all seasons and stood the test of time. Its roots are deeply entrenched in Who you are as a business, what you stand for as a people and where you are going as a team.

I hope this reflection is helpful to you. Be amazing!

Pretty excited by what is ahead for the BGL Corporate Solutions team!