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Daniel Tramontana

Introducing the BGL Executive Team!

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Today is a great day!

It is with much delight that I get to present to you the BGL Executive Team.

The BGL Executive Team comprises of 7 individuals of the highest calibre that will continue to deliver on the strategic and operational requirements of BGL. With a combined experience of 123 years, our products, clients and team could not be in better hands. Let me take a moment to introduce each of them. Here goes:

Nadine Freitag, People & Culture Manager at BGL
Nadine has been instrumental in building people and continuing to strengthen the BGL culture. Nadine has an amazing can-do attitude with an extraordinary commitment to the betterment of BGL. Nadine’s attitude and approach represent everything that makes BGL great.

Adriana Cavallo, Head of Customer Experience (APAC) at BGL
Loved and admired by countless in the industry, Adriana has had exposure to many parts of the BGL business, excelling in all areas. A focused and committed individual who is customer and experience-obsessed and is instrumental in delivering the BGL value proposition. Adriana’s journey is an example and inspiration to countless.

Warren Renden, Head of CAS 360 at BGL
With a relentless focus on product, team and client experience, Warren exceeds client expectations and industry standards. The work of Warren has touched thousands of BGL users. Passionate and determined in every sense, Warren is regarded as one of the industry greats. Warren represents BGL and advocates for clients across multiple external boards.

Jeevan Tokhi, Head of Simple Fund 360 at BGL
Jeevan is an inspiring individual with a broad range of experience who has the incredible capacity to make the complex simple. Jeevan is a strategic thinker with an incredible ability to deliver exceptional outcomes. Jeevan is respected in the industry for his profound impact, knowledge and professionalism. According to him, he is also one of the best-looking in the industry 😆

Ashley Avileli, Chief Technology Officer at BGL
Ashley joined BGL as an IT Administrator and is the most complete and knowledgeable IT professional that I know. Admired and respected for his can-do approach, Ashley and his team keep the BGL engine running—the backbone of BGL. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him.

Ron Lesh, Founder and Managing Director of BGL
Having started BGL in 1989, Ron’s impact and contribution in and across the industry continue to be profound. Ron’s commitment to building great products together with great people, teams and culture has been key to BGL’s success.

Daniel Tramontana, Chief Executive Officer at BGL
Well, this is awkward. I can’t get away with not including myself here. All I will say is that I am a grateful and passionate individual who loves all things BGL – products, clients and people.

As we venture into the next season of BGL, we are super excited about the opportunities ahead. We will continue to build great products. We will always do our best to deliver exceptional client experiences and moments.

We will do this with the highest level of gratitude and respect for the countless clients (some across 4 decades) who continue to support us with an unwavering belief that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you! ❤️

101 days in! A short reflection…

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A short reflection on my first 101 days as CEO at BGL that I would like to share with you

Here goes…

1. People matter and always will – people make things happen. A good percentage of your time must be allocated to investing in your people.

2. Grow and appoint from within don’t fly them in – I am a huge advocate of this. Apart from providing opportunity, those who step up are the ones who have embraced the business, the culture and the people.

3. Enlarge the shadow – set the stage. The more you grow and build the people, the larger the shadow becomes but you need to be comfortable with the fact that you become lesser and others become more. This is very liberating but requires courage.

4. Focus on the business you are in – keep building amazing products – Why people transact with us, keep investing in who we are to ensure they stay. Don’t be distracted by voices. Invest in your strengths and make points of differentiation difficult to replicate that they remain the source of competitive advantage.

5. Get curious – ask questions and genuinely show interest in what your people do. Take the time to listen and learn. Be visible and within reach of your people. Engage and encourage dialogue.

6. Stay humble and vulnerable – never forget where you came from. Reflect on your steps and draw wisdom from such to carve a better way for the people. Don’t be afraid to say I don’t know and apologise genuinely when you make a mistake.

7. Values do not change. Behaviour doesn’t either – make no excuse for protecting and preserving your culture. Tough decisions are at times needed. Remember, the standard you accept becomes the standard tolerated.

8. Develop – Trust – Belief – release people to holistically be their best. When they are struggling, embrace them. Show mercy, grace, understanding and genuine care. Get them back on their feet and into the game.

9. Gratitude – live it out as often as you can. Be deliberate about it. Send the message. Make the call. Demonstrate your appreciation. Set aside time to be grateful and express gratefulness.

10. Solo doesn’t cut it – develop a strong inner circle of strong and courageous people who are best qualified to do the job, whose best interest is that of the team. People that will challenge and inspire you to be better. Accountability in such circles is 2 way.

11. Tell the story – connect people to the core of who you are and the path travelled. There is so much power in connecting people to the journey and setting them on the path to where you are going.

12. Legacy – the foundation you build on. Not one you discard. A pillar of strength that has weathered all seasons and stood the test of time. Its roots are deeply entrenched in Who you are as a business, what you stand for as a people and where you are going as a team.

I hope this reflection is helpful to you. Be amazing!

Pretty excited by what is ahead for the BGL Corporate Solutions team!

Sunday. The last game for the season. A moment I will never forget!

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Sunday. The last footy game for the year. I had the honour of thanking all the players for their efforts, commitment and development over the season. I was so proud of each and every one of them.

At the beginning of the year, I challenged them to become better men before becoming better footballers. The foundation for this would be a commitment to taking responsibility, showing respect and keeping things real. Responsibility for their actions. Respect for their teammates, parents, friends and all humans. Real, not being afraid to put their hand up and reach out if they need help.

While we finished at the bottom of the ladder, in so far as growth and personal development, in my eyes we finished well on top. For me, this was a far more significant achievement than any other accolade.

I want to speak about a moment that took place on Sunday that will remain with me for life. A dad of one of the boys waited for me outside the clubrooms after the game. He approached me, put out his hand and said thank you. He became quite emotional. This dad who was hurting. It took courage to express such emotions. Placing my hand on his shoulder, we distanced ourselves from the people, to talk. He couldn’t stop thanking me for the difference I had made in his son’s life and for the support given.

The family had been through a very difficult time. The mother confided in me a couple of months ago detailing her concern for her son given the gut-wrenching circumstances that devastated the family. She asked me to look out for her boy. To which I made a commitment to.

I am no medical professional. I do not have qualifications in any form of psychology. This situation taught me that you don’t need much to make a difference. You only need to be you. Genuinely caring and following through on what you say makes the world of difference. During the year, this boy progressed and at times regressed, but the constant was the right support.

There are many people grieving and going through difficult times. Behind every troubled person is a concerned parent, relative or friend. The impact goes beyond the individual directly impacted. Remember this. Wholeness and well-being require us to look beyond the person.

So, I write to remind you of this, we all have an obligation to each other. Never be short in extending a hand. Embracing a human. Be on the lookout and be courageous enough to ask the question, “How are you doing?” It could be the start of a life-changing moment…

Celebrating 25 years of service

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Today marks 25 years of service at BGL Corporate Solutions. That equates to 53% of my life being involved with a business, team and community that I love. Stop trying to guess how old I was when started. Ron Lesh says 15! I will take that.

As an individual, I am truly humbled and grateful to be able to be involved in and to serve in an organisation that is truly a remarkable success story.

From the greatest of moments to the darkest of times, central to all of this is people. And today it is the very people who have helped define me, believed in me, mentored me and stood by me that I want to celebrate.

The people that I have come to know, love and serve are the greatest part of the story.

BGL Corporate Solutions team, I thank and admire each and everyone one of you. Your relentless commitment to each other, our products, clients and community is amazing. You are the reason we are where we are today.

Matthew Crofts, Adriana Cavallo, Warren Renden, Jeevan Tokhi, Anthony Costa, S. Adrian Muscan , Ashley Avileli, James Luo + Dubi Laviati (so many more I could add) your friendship and support allows me to do what I do.

To the many great clients, prospects, partners and Ecosystem members that I have come to know and crossed paths with, it is an honor working with you and being of service to you. Your belief and support of BGL Corporate Solutions is an important part of who we are today. I applaud you.

One of the greatest joys has been, some of the friendships that have evolved. Friends that will be for life. You know who you are. Your constant check-ins, chats and trust are something I dearly value. Thank you!

Danni Tramontana my wife + friend, you are my rock.

Ron Lesh. I am grateful for your belief, loyalty, support, encouragement and friendship. You are an incredible #leader. You have been and continue to be an important figure and influence. You have helped define me, making me a better person and servant of the people. You have also positioned me for an exciting future that I look forward to stepping into knowing that I have had the best example and mentor.

And now, let’s bring on another 25 years! Yes, well past 65 years of age but with CAS 360 (Australia), Simple Fund 360 + Simple Invest 360, I will have most of my compliance matters automated so I can spend time doing that which I love and that is working at BGL Corporate Solutions.

Check out our video!

We had a lot of fun making this video and hope it makes you smile! Enjoy!

We have an endemic of leadership in this country

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We have an endemic of leadership in this country. The biggest threat to our nation and people is not the virus. It is in fact many of our leaders.

As a 1st generation migrant, I was so proud to call this country home. So proud when I traveled overseas to boast about the beauty of our landscape, freedoms and wonderful opportunities available to all. Friends and family would engage with me with a sense of envy of the beautiful country of Australia.

Today I am not so proud. Today I am disappointed that the fabric which once distinguished our very country from the rest of the world has been torn apart.

In my VIEW, the deterioration of our society across this nation is directly attributed to our leaders. Many of our leaders have forgotten that their purpose is to serve the people. To set the stage, creating a society that is united and overflowing with opportunity. A society that is inclusive, considerate and respectful. One where differing views are accommodated, respectfully discussed, and embraced. One where an individual is not mocked or shamed for communicating a deeply held belief.

Instead, many of our leaders have caused a deeply divided Australia. One where people’s choices have been eroded and mandates have been forced. Compliance has been heralded and bragged about as great leadership. I instead view it as an abuse of power and coercion to force outcomes. People forced to make a choice between putting food on the table and or going without, is not a choice. For some, it may be, but for many, it’s about dignity, provision and survival.

Consider the recent protests in Melbourne where those who attended branded extremists. A small % may well be, the majority however are not. They are normal everyday Victorians who are appealing to the tone-deafness of our leaders. What I can not believe is the government officials not presenting themselves before the people to hear their cries and address their needs. Instead, with arrogance and contempt, they press on because the preservation of their pride and the need to be right is far more important than doing the right thing for the people.

Countless decisions by many of our leaders and their behaviors leave much to be desired. For many in power, their experience and qualifications (huge lack of) to hold a position has me questioning the validity and competence of those elected to run a proper economy, education and health system. Let me ask a question, would you let an accountant perform a knee reconstruction? Absolutely not. The reality is, many of our leaders are elected on personality, popularity, spin and how big their budgets are to run good campaigns. Being friends with those in power also seems to be an important checkbox to be ticked when assessing the suitability of a candidate. Very obvious is the fact that qualifications and experience are not part of the recruitment equation.

We need an overhaul of leadership in this country.

We need people to step up who are competent, qualified and most importantly invested in this great country and its people.

People who will push aside the narrative, take a stance and truly represent the people that trust them to lead.