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BGL has been a software and services supplier in the accounting industry for almost 30 years (30 years, 1 April 2019)! One of the reasons for our longevity and success in this business, is we partner with all our clients – we welcome our clients to the BGL family.

Independence is really really important to us. Therefore, we support anyone who supports us… With some rules, of course!

  • Rule No 1: Clients ALWAYS come first. No ifs, no buts – we are only in business because of our clients and we understand that. So as a Team, we work to provide our clients with First Class service.
  • Rule No 2: We NEVER compete with our clients.
  • Rule No 3: We don’t play favorites – we love all our clients equally.

BGL loves to partner with organisations that can add value to our clients. We don’t partner for the sake of a partnership, we partner because we feel our partners add real value. And all of them do!

So when you are looking at software supplier, don’t you want to work with someone independent, not behoven to the stock market, venture capitalists or certain “special” clients ?

Making the choice of which software supplier to partner with for your corporate compliance and SMSF admin needs becomes easier all time….






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