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‘See something, say something’ – reporting corporate misconduct

Registered agents play a big role in educating and assisting companies to manage their business obligations. By ensuring that these companies meet their obligations, they are positively contributing to Australia’s economic well-being.

We recently introduced the ASIC Registered Agent Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) which govern how registered agents use our registry services. The T&Cs define what an ASIC registered agent is, eligibility criteria, and the obligations to be fulfilled by ASIC registered agents.

We encourage all registered agents to report any potential company or director misconduct that they encounter as part of their work. This helps ensure that businesses in Australia operate with transparency and accountability.

Potential misconduct could include:
  • continuing to trade while insolvent
  • failing to lodge appropriate documents in a timely manner, or
  • managing a company while disqualified (e.g. while bankrupt, after conviction of an offence of the Corporations Act, or convicted of an offence involving dishonesty with imprisonment).

You can report misconduct to ASIC online; be sure to include as much information as possible and reference any relevant documents or letters.

Once you have submitted your report, we’ll send you a confirmation email and contact you if we require further information.


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