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Work With Us!

As I reflect on this election campaign, the discussions on both sides of politics, the public and private debates, the proposed changes and policies, one underlying reality has dawned on me as a major concern.

I can summarise it with one word, “Consultation”. Let me extend that to 3 words “Lack of Consultation”.

I am all for change for a fairer, better and progressive Australia. I am all for policy and changes that ensure ALL Australians are considered and looked after. I also believe that those who want to have a fair dinkum go and make the most of the opportunities before them to be rewarded. I also believe in the need to create, promote, sustain and encourage an environment where opportunities are created for ALL people.

What I am not for, is popularity based political agendas which play on peoples emotions, creating physical and emotional divides. Agendas based on what could be rather than what is, using tactics to create fear and creating division across this amazing country. This is where I believe all political parties need to improve their ways.

The lack of consultation in the creation of policy is something ALL Australians need to be concerned with. Many a time we hear of policy announcements that take many of us by surprise. Policy is often proposed and imposed without careful consideration, thought and consultation.

It’s the lack of consultation that people across ALL INDUSTRIES need to be concerned with. Political party members need to make it a priority to work alongside the necessary industry bodies and individuals. They need to engage with those at the forefront who ACTUALLY deal with the difficult to understand laws, regulation, red tape and complexity and take the time to understand, rather than legislate over the top of them.

To all political parties I say, involve us. Consult with us. Work with us. Take the time to LISTEN.

We all want better outcomes for ALL Australians and we simply want to be able to work with you to achieve this.



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