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BGL partners with TAG to add Fact Find to Simple Fund 360

BGL has partnered with TAG Financial Services to release a Fact Find Document Pack in Simple Fund 360.

“This new report will save our clients many hours of work” exclaimed BGL’s Managing Director Ron Lesh. “We have been looking at ways to better support our financial planning and multi-disciplined practices and see this as a starting point of more things to come”

“BGL has built a new Fact Find report that can be used by financial planners as a prelude to a Statement of Advice” said Lesh. “We are extracting data from the Simple Fund 360 database and then adding all the necessary reports to help streamline the Fact Find process and the production of the Statement of Advice. The document can be prepared by financial planners or by the accountant and provided to the financial planner.”

BGL enlisted the help of our long-term business partner TAG Financial Services to design the Fact Find document. “BGL and TAG have worked together for many years to provide Audit Workpapers in Simple Fund 360” noted Lesh. “We saw this as another area we could work together”.

TAG Financial Service’s Partner, Jason Roccasalvo explains, “our partnership with BGL produces great results as we combine our technical, day-to-day knowledge with BGL’s cutting edge products.”

The Fact Find Document Pack is currently available in Simple Fund 360.

About TAG Financial Services

TAG Financial Services has provided practical solutions to technical problems since 1997, translating complex financial issues into plain English and tailored solutions for each situation. Our experienced advisers have expertise in superannuation, business services and wealth management. TAG is privately owned, privately operated and self-licensed.

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