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BGL announces new features in Simple Fund 360

BGL is proud to announce another major release of Simple Fund 360 which includes changes for the government’s Stage 1 response to COVID-19, integration with Cointree, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, and much much more.

“I am really proud of the BGL Team” said BGL’s Managing Director Ron Lesh. “Through this really tough period and with the whole Team working from home, they have continued to provide our clients with first class customer service and responded to legislative announcements in a timely manner. Being able to pivot within a sprint to handle the pension and other changes shows exactly how agile development processes should work”.

Yesterday, BGL released Stage 1 the COVID-19 SMSF changes, enabling users to perform reviews of Account-Based, TRIS and TRIS retirement phase pensions for the 50% minimums. At the same time, we released integration with Cointree, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, allowing users to download transaction files from Cointree and import directly into Simple Fund 360 and an update to the Investment Income Comparison Report for the 45-day holding period rule and much more.

“In just 3 months, the Simple Fund 360 and API teams have delivered 4 releases, including an accounting workpapers update, property dashboard, mobile app Engage by BGL for Android users and more! No other industry player has delivered so many new features to their clients over the past 3 months” noted Lesh.

“The ability of the BGL Team to operate “as normal” through these difficult times is a tribute to the quality of our people” added Lesh. “This is why both CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 are clear market leaders in the corporate compliance and SMSF admin space with over 7,000 firms maintaining 650,000 entities subscribed to our software solutions”.

For a full list of new features, check out the BGL Community.


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