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Divided we fall. United we stand.

Divided we fall. United we stand.

We have all heard these words. I believe them to be the very fabric of what makes us, our families, friendships, organisations and society great.

Never have these words been more relevant, real and alive. Just look at the events taking place across every area of this great nation and the people who chose to call it home. Never have I seen such division and hatred amongst fellow Australians.

So much for the “We are ONE and free” in our national anthem. Words proudly sung, but sadly have not foothold in the heart.

So often I hear words uttering the importance of inclusion. Dishing out high fives for embracing diversity and taking a stance against discrimination. Model citizens everywhere. Yet, division has never been greater over what in the end will be trivial matters.

In speaking to so many people, I have heard of many great stories and also many heartbreaking stories. To hear of great examples of people extending a hand to those in need has inspired hope and brought out the best in humankind. From people paying for coffees for a day at the local cafe, to those dropping off food parcels and care packs to those in need, these actions have given me a great sense of hope that we can bounce back and do so strongly.

I have also heard of heartbreaking stories. People going hungry, not being able to pay their bills, being stripped of their pride and dignity. The list tragically goes on and on.

The most difficult one for me to understand though is the ending of lifelong friendships. Friendships brought to an end over differences in opinions and personal choices. People quarrelling with the very friend(s) they have done life with for so long. The very friend who stood by them in the times of adversity and celebrated alongside them for special milestones and achievements. I simply do not get it.

People should be doing all they can to protect and preserve their friendships. Instead they allow senseless matters to destroy them.

The time will come when we look back at this and reflect on these times. My view is that it won’t be too long before we will look back AND say to ourselves, “What was all of that about?”. We will question the friendships we ended. The choices we made. The time we lost that we will never get back.

For some of us, we will be more isolated and alone than ever before because we didn’t stand for what is important. We will ask ourselves, to what avail? Let me tell you, none!

For me, my friendships have never been more important and or more valued. I simply would not be able to do life without them.

Please work to be united with your friends and loved ones. Don’t allow what is going on to divide you.

At the end of this, we want to be able to stand tall and united, surrounded by those dear and important to us.

Daniel Tramontana

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