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No Drama with Tramma

Divided we fall. United we stand.

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Divided we fall. United we stand.

We have all heard these words. I believe them to be the very fabric of what makes us, our families, friendships, organisations and society great.

Never have these words been more relevant, real and alive. Just look at the events taking place across every area of this great nation and the people who chose to call it home. Never have I seen such division and hatred amongst fellow Australians.

So much for the “We are ONE and free” in our national anthem. Words proudly sung, but sadly have not foothold in the heart.

So often I hear words uttering the importance of inclusion. Dishing out high fives for embracing diversity and taking a stance against discrimination. Model citizens everywhere. Yet, division has never been greater over what in the end will be trivial matters.

In speaking to so many people, I have heard of many great stories and also many heartbreaking stories. To hear of great examples of people extending a hand to those in need has inspired hope and brought out the best in humankind. From people paying for coffees for a day at the local cafe, to those dropping off food parcels and care packs to those in need, these actions have given me a great sense of hope that we can bounce back and do so strongly.

I have also heard of heartbreaking stories. People going hungry, not being able to pay their bills, being stripped of their pride and dignity. The list tragically goes on and on.

The most difficult one for me to understand though is the ending of lifelong friendships. Friendships brought to an end over differences in opinions and personal choices. People quarrelling with the very friend(s) they have done life with for so long. The very friend who stood by them in the times of adversity and celebrated alongside them for special milestones and achievements. I simply do not get it.

People should be doing all they can to protect and preserve their friendships. Instead they allow senseless matters to destroy them.

The time will come when we look back at this and reflect on these times. My view is that it won’t be too long before we will look back AND say to ourselves, “What was all of that about?”. We will question the friendships we ended. The choices we made. The time we lost that we will never get back.

For some of us, we will be more isolated and alone than ever before because we didn’t stand for what is important. We will ask ourselves, to what avail? Let me tell you, none!

For me, my friendships have never been more important and or more valued. I simply would not be able to do life without them.

Please work to be united with your friends and loved ones. Don’t allow what is going on to divide you.

At the end of this, we want to be able to stand tall and united, surrounded by those dear and important to us.

I’m not cancelling anything

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I’m not cancelling anything

This week my grandma Vincenza passed away. She was 90 years old.

As I sat beside her while she lay breathless, I couldn’t help noticing her hands. These hands were worn out. They were tired. These hands contributed much to our society, generation and in helping make Australia the lucky country. The hands gave so much to give us a better life and helped set us up for a future.

Born in Sicily and migrating to Melbourne in the 50’s. Having survived World War 2, she understood, pain, famine, fear, bloody hard work and the need for grit. Going without was common practice and selflessness was the only way through. From the toughest moments in her life, she learned resilience, strength, courage and a can-do mindset.

When I think of her life and the countless that have gone before her, I am not going to cancel and or forget what was given, done and or built. While they didn’t have any platform to amplify the good, they did, they quietly went about building the stage. The stage that we at times mindlessly perform on heralding ourselves as heroes when the really, the pain, suffering and at in many cases the sacrificing of one’s life was done by those who went before us. When was the last time we thought of those who went before us to give us what we have today?

Let’s apply this to business. Great businesses are not an overnight success. They take years to establish and all have a foundation. We build up from this foundation to establish culture. We may get some things wrong, but we learn from them. We get many things right. From both right and wrong we develop. We evolve. We build greatness. We don’t however forget where we came from and or deviate from the foundational values that have allowed us to thrive and survive.

The countless efforts to dismantle the stage of the values and principles that make this country great are the biggest threat to our society and the generations to follow. To do the same for our businesses would be of great detriment.

What we and those who went before us have built is something we should be proud of. It is something our leaders place less and less merit on. Not perfect but it has served us and set us up well. As we prepare to hand over the batten to the next generation let ensure that our efforts and those who have gone before us are not in vain.

Mental Health: No judgment. No shame. No bias. Just listen.

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The last 14 months have been tough. The impact is widespread. The effect on people’s personal and emotional wellbeing has been enormous. It is not something you can just throw money at and hope it goes away.

Mental health is a topic that I am passionate about. Having the support of Ron Lesh to pursues this accreditation is something that I am very grateful for. When I undertook the MH First Aid course, one of the great takeaways was that my role is not to diagnose but to simply come alongside people and point them in the right direction. This was empowering and showed WE can ALL make a difference. People often ask me how we in Victoria are faring in lockdown. Personally, while frustrated and limited at times, overall, I am doing okay. I have an amazing role and blessed to be a part of an incredible business. For this I am grateful. I do however have my days and to counteract this I do my best to live my life with the greatest level of normality. I regularly touch base with those most important to me. I do my best to watch my self-talk, exercising, taking breaks, get fresh air, limit my time on the media, create tasks and projects to keep me occupied.

However, my mind is NEVER far from those that are not doing well. The reality is that millions of people and across this state are suffering emotionally, mentally and financially. Businesses and lives touched devastating ways. Let’s add to this loneliness, lack of access to health care, 3 previous lockdowns, fear-mongering media and language, separation, home-schooling and the list goes on and on and we are pretty much beyond the tipping point of a mental health tsunami.

To back my observations, I read an interesting article in The Age on Saturday 5 June titled – “‘I can’t be bothered’: Victorians battling ‘compounding fatigue’ of lockdowns” by Wendy Tuohy, where Rhonda Andrew’s CEO of Barrington Centre, a corporate and wellbeing service provider, provided some very interesting data.

From 27 May to 3 June:

  •  82% ⬆️ in demand for support
  • 40% ⬆️ family conflict
  •  55% ⬆️ workplace issues
  •  82% ⬆️ mental health requests

The sentiment in this state from many that I speak to is that the idea of “We have done this before, we will do it again” or “We have got this”, simply does not cut it.

Many are tired. Many have no more to give. Many just want to get on with our lives and live. This is the reality that we as business leaders, managers and people across this state MUST acknowledge, work with and help navigate people through.

Each of us is touched by what is going on. And if we personally are not, then someone we know is. These lockdowns hurt and it is more important to be on the lookout for each other than ever before.

Please, if you are struggling, please do reach out. It is okay to not be okay. There are times where you will be trapped in thoughts of negativity or feelings of hopelessness. The reality is that it is hard not to be. It is normal. However, do your best to not stay in that space too long. If you do however find these thoughts and feelings lingering, take action. Speak to someone. Call your doctor. Early intervention works.

Make sure to look out for others also. Look for signs that they may be struggling. Be on the lookout for things like withdrawing behaviour, social media activity contrary to their normal behaviour, slow to or no response to messages, negative language, letting go of their appearance or hygiene. Pretty much, any behaviour outside of their normal selves is a window for you to ask the question “R UO K?” or “I have noticed this, is all ok?” Believe, it can make all the difference.

Be informed and across the resources like R UO OK?, Beyond Blue, and Headspace, to name a few. There are many great tools available to not only better understand mental health but to come alongside, and help others along their journey.

Finally, I cannot help but emphasise that you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and say you need help. On the other hand, if you are doing okay, don’t be afraid to extend a hand and reach out to someone that you know is not and let them know you are there for them.

No judgment. No shame. No bias. Just listen.

Just genuinely care!

We can all make a difference.



Reference: Wendy Tuohy | The Age

Price vs Cost: What to think about when considering your options?

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Price vs Cost: An interesting point of consideration and discussion

On a daily basis, we are confronted with choices about price. As ingrained in all of us, when looking at a product or software to perform a function, we are often drawn to the cheaper option. Let’s admit it: We all love a good deal and price point!

However, should price be the determining factor when making a decision?

I am from the accounting software world. I love software that makes my life easy. I love software apps that save me time, effort and ultimately money. While I focus on what to look for and consider in making software decisions, some of these considerations can be used across a broad range of decisions and choices we make every day.

Knowing what problem you need to be solved is a great place to start and it will provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what is required to deliver optimal outcomes. Understand the issue at hand, the outcomes, and ultimately, the end customer experience you want to deliver.

Here’s my list of what to think about when considering your options:



Do your due diligence and thoroughly compare features. Line the products against each other. Be clear on your must-haves, don’t need and the nice to have. Features differences can end up costing you a lot of money later down the road.


What help is available and how readily available the help is. When it comes to learning and using software, we at all times will come across questions. Having access to the right resources and support can save you a lot of downtime, reduce write-offs and can help reduce WIP.


Great software companies are continually updating, improving and adding new features to further delight their clients and the experience. A lack of updates is a red flag on many fronts including, but not limited to, a lack of commitment to the product, the state of the underlying technology, potentially the wrong people leading products, culture, or lack of focus. Do your research!

Processing Times:

Great technology reduces the manual time required to complete tasks. Run products in parallel and compare what it takes to achieve the same outcomes. Remember, time saved equals a reduction in costs that is often far, far greater than price differentials.

Tasks replaced:

Technology should replace repetitive, predictable and mundane tasks. You do not need people doing these. Great technology will free your people up to focus on value-added services and relationship building which we know are so important in today's space.


Beware of software companies that claim to do it all. Great software companies are focused on their core competency. They focus on their strengths and integrate well with other products and services that you may need to fully complete required tasks. The strength of a software company and product is closely aligned to who they play well with.


An extremely important consideration. Look at their reputation, trust, track record, longevity of employees and leaders. Develop an understanding of the Why they exist and ensure that it aligns with your values and how you want to position your business and services.

Customer Experience:

Great software delivers a great internal and external customer experience. Internally, software can equip and empower employees to better perform their tasks while at the same time embracing and learning great technology. Externally, great software will deliver to your clients an experience that generates a greater appetite for engagement, which promotes client longevity and loyalty.

Wow! That’s an extensive list and hopefully it provides you with a little more direction when making purchases.

Yes, price is a factor but just because something is priced less, it does not mean that it costs you less!

At BGL, we have never designed our products to be the cheapest. Our products are designed to drive value and reduce inputs that allow users to deliver superior outcomes and maximise the return for their efforts and investment. At BGL, we love clients who engage with us for who we are, what we represent, and the value we deliver to our clients. That my friends, is foundational to a longstanding and loyal customer base.