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BGL integrates with Cleardocs for efficient company incorporations

By July 15, 2022August 9th, 2023Accountants Daily, In the Media, News

Written by Josh Needs
Published by Accountants Daily
on 15 July 2022
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The upgrade will allow BGL clients to automate the company registration process, says managing director.

BGL Corporate Solutions has integrated with document provider Cleardocs to provide streamlined company incorporations.

BGL said that its clients would now be able to seamlessly incorporate companies through the Cleardocs platform with all data and supporting documents automatically imported into its management software CAS 360.

The managing director of BGL, Ron Lesh, said that he was delighted with the partnership with Cleardocs, which is part of the Thomson Reuters accounting software suite.

“We are extremely proud to have developed this integration together with Cleardocs,” said Mr Lesh.

“This integration will help BGL clients automate the company registration process and eliminate the need to manually enter the company details in CAS 360, making the entire process a breeze.”

BGL said that the integration meant its clients just needed to click the “register via provider” button within the CAS 360 company registration screen and then select Cleardocs.

Managing director Asia and emerging markets at Thomson Reuters, Jackie Rhodes, welcomed increased ties with BGL.

“We are excited to provide BGL clients with full circle integration by enabling a seamless end-to-end process within CAS 360,” said Ms Rhodes.

“This development delivers real-time savings and improved accuracy to BGL clients, and it further cements our longstanding relationship with BGL.”

Cleardocs said this integration would help save time on data entry when registering a company, with just a few clicks required to transfer all the relevant data.

Mr Lesh said BGL aimed to integrate its suite of software with other companies in the future.

“Currently, this integration is exclusively for Cleardocs company incorporations, however, we plan to expand this feature in the future,” said Mr Lesh.

Founded in 1983, BGL Corporate Solutions started with only two employees and has grown to become one of the largest developers of compliance software in the world, with more than 180 employees globally.

BGL provides cloud-based company compliance management, SMSF and portfolio administration software to over 8,000 businesses in 15 countries.

BGL’s clients range from major accounting firms and law firms, financial planners, as well as many individual SMSF trustees.


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