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CAS 360 Product Update – January 2023

By January 16, 2023BGL Update, CAS 360

We are excited to announce the first CAS 360 update for 2023! You can check out the full release notes and join the conversation in the BGL Community.

What's New?

ASIC Lodgement: Significant enhancements to CAS 360 have improved ASIC lodgement performance, including how CAS 360 connects and electronically lodges documents to ASIC. This update includes an Auto Lodge RA71 feature, which will automatically lodge the RA71 after Form 362 is accepted. Learn More

Automated Debt Reminders: Clients can now apply the Automated Debt Reminder to companies attached to chosen Labels. Learn More

Resolution Documents: All Resolution Documents now have two-column signing lines.

Merge Fields: New merge fields have been added for the first and second ASIC annual review late fees. Clients can use these merge fields in the following email templates:

  • Annual Review Email 
  • Digital Signing Annual Review Email 
  • Documents Prepared Email 
  • Digital Signing Documents Prepared Email

Cloudcheck Integration: CAS 360’s integration with the electronic identity verification tool, Cloudcheck, now includes an optional field for clients to enter a reference number for the verification. The reference number is stored in the client’s Cloudcheck account and noted on the Cloudcheck invoice. Learn More

Xero Practice Manager Integration: CAS 360’s two-way integration with Xero Practice Manager now supports company name changes and contact name and address changes. Learn More

Plus, many more new features and improvements. Remember to join the conversation in the BGL Community.


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