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I couldn’t be prouder to recognise these BGL superstars

By February 10, 2023March 17th, 2023BGL Update, Culture

My first post for the 2023 year, and I couldn’t be prouder to recognise these BGL superstars ⭐️.

It truly is an honour to celebrate and acknowledge 17 years of service for Jeevan Tokhi Head of Simple Fund 360 and 16 years for Warren Renden Head of CAS 360.

Jeevan and Warren have been instrumental in the success of BGL. Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 are used around the world by over 8,500 firms to manage well over a million entities. Both they and their teams work relentlessly to deliver amazing client experiences that transform how users manage their compliance requirements.

What I admire most about them both is their journey and the fact that they are quality people. They capture and live the heart and soul of the BGL culture. Their many achievements point people to what is possible when one works with excellence, persistence and resilience.

I can not thank them enough for their contribution to my life. Aside from their friendship, they challenge, motivate and push me to be the best version of myself. Great organisations are made up of great people. I am grateful to have Warren and Jeevan be a part of the BGL team, and for standing alongside me through the many seasons we have ventured through.

Warren and Jeevan on behalf of the BGL team, the industry, our clients and community members thank you.

I’m looking forward to the season ahead of us and beyond with optimism, knowing that we have the best in you!

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