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CAS 360 Product Update – February 2023

By February 17, 2023BGL Update, CAS 360

We are excited to announce another enormous CAS 360 update!

You can check out the full release notes and join the conversation in the BGL Community

What's New?

Company Registrations: Limited by Guarantee Company members will now be shown on ASIC form 201 when prepared in CAS 360. 

Document Signing: To provide a clear record of when each signature was added to a document, a date of signing field has been added to the signing lines for Annual Review Documents (DocuSign and FuseSign only). In addition, documents “sent via for Digital Signing” can no longer be deleted unless they have been voided. 

User interface: The following User Interface improvements have been made:

  • Adding Signatory Name for ASIC Form 362 and,
  • Saving transactions related to Shareholders, Unitholders and Trust Events.

The following new features and improvements have also been made:

  • Improved identity verification API. 
  • Implemented GET/PUT/POST/DEL requests for Contact Addresses API.
  • Implemented GET/PUT/POST/DEL requests for Passports.
  • Implemented a nationality field in GET/PUT/POST requests for the Contact API.
  • GET Officers API call now includes officers who have ceased their role.

Remember to check out the full release notes and join the conversation in the BGL Community.


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