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International Women’s Day #IWD23

By March 8, 2023March 17th, 2023BGL Update, Culture

International Women’s Day #IWD23. An amazing day. A day to reflect on the amazing women who influence my life for the better. From within the industry, workplace and community, I have established some great friendships that I truly admire and respect. Women who continue to shape the industry and the communities in which they serve. Women who are strong, resilient, courageous and inspiring. Thank you for what you bring to my life and the countless lives you impact every day.

Reflecting on this day, one of the things we at BGL have built is a culture that celebrates and acknowledges women every day. A safe place where women are respected, heard, valued and presented with countless opportunities. Women have been an instrumental part of our story. We are so grateful for their contribution and celebrate their many wonderful achievements. The very essence of what makes BGL great.

In my role at BGL, the manner in which we respect, value and admire all persons is something that I truly am proud of. This attitude is embraced by all and is evidenced by how all people are embraced and respected every day.

Today BGL women, it is all about you.

We celebrate you and all you bring to our team and the countless lives you touch every day.

Keep being special!⭐️

Daniel Tramontana

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