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CAS 360 Product Update – 4 May 2023

Are you ready to blast off into hyperspace? Hold on tight because today, on the iconic date of May the 4th, we are excited to unveil a brand new update from the galaxy of CAS 360!

  • Click here to check out the full CAS 360 release notes.
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What's New?

Director ID integration with Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360: In the Star Wars universe, Jedi Knights use force to connect with each other. Similarly, CAS 360 has integrated Director IDs with Simple Fund 360, and Simple Invest 360, which means you can easily connect your director information across the BGL Product Suite. Now you can enjoy a more efficient and streamlined process that will save you time and reduce the risk of errors. Learn more

Annual Review Listing Report: Enhancements have been made to the Annual Review Listing Report to include Company Labels, making it easier to identify and categorise the companies listed. Learn more 

Seal Register Report: Improvements have been made to the Seal Register Report, where all companies can now be selected. Learn more

Alerts: Company screen alerts hovers have been improved, where a short delay to the alert popovers was added to make them more visible. Learn more 

Plus, many more new features and improvements. Remember to check out the full release notes on the CAS 360 Online Help and join the conversation in the BGL Community. Links to previous update release notes are below:

Stay tuned for future releases!

Warren Renden
Head of CAS 360
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