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CAS 360 Product Update – 18 May 2023

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We are excited to announce the latest CAS 360 update!

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Learn what’s new at our New Features Webinar on Tuesday 23 May 2023, at 11:30 AEST. REGISTER NOW!

What's New?

Change of Beneficial Ownership: We have included a new Share Transfer form for Change of Beneficial Ownership transactions in the document pack. This form will provide a record of the outgoing and incoming beneficial owners, making the process more organised and transparent. Learn more

Seal Register Report: We have added a new feature to the Seal Register Report which allows users to exclude addresses and imprints, providing more control over the information that appears on the register. Additionally, a date range filter was added to the Seal Register, which allows users to display the Seal Register Entries within a specific period. Learn more

Plus, many more new features and improvements. Remember to check out the full release notes on the CAS 360 Online Help and join the conversation in the BGL Community. Links to previous update release notes are below:

Stay tuned for future releases!

Warren Renden
Head of CAS 360
E: [email protected] | P: 1300 654 401
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Director IDs: How can CAS 360 help?

CAS 360 Product Update Release – October 2021

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Hello all and welcome to the spooky season! It’s almost Halloween and we have another BIG CAS 360 update full of delicious treats for you!

Don’t forget to join the conversation about this release and so much more on the BGL Community >>>

What's New in CAS 360?

Director ID

The introduction to Director ID is one of the biggest changes to corporate compliance work for a very long time. All Australian company directors are now required to identify themselves with the ABRS, via MyGovID between now and November 30, 2022.

In CAS 360 we have built a great set of features to help you through this new requirement.

Each company now has a new alert, the Director ID alert. This alert will show how many company directors have completed that Director ID requirement when you hover over.

To view more information the user can click on ‘Go to Director IDs’

The Director ID modal contains a number of important features.

  • Firstly you can email all company directors about the new Director ID requirements, we have included an “introduction to Director ID” email template, which you can customise, to let your clients know about this new requirement.
  • You can see which Directors have and have not completed their Director ID requirements
  • You can also see if the Director is also a director in any other company
  • If the Director ID deadline date is fast approaching, you can send a reminder email to the director
  • If you do not have a director’s email address, you can add the email address via this screen
  • Also, once the Director has completed their Director ID requirements, you can add the ID number, and it will be saved against the Directors records

Digital signing improvements

We have also added some great new features for clients who have CAS 360 integrated with our Digital Signing partners. Now when preparing any set of documents in CAS 360, you can set that all signatories receive the signed document pack once it has been signed by all signatories. This is an option that is controlled by you as the preparer.

If you are preparing an Annual Review and send it out for digital signing, you can now have the Annual Review automatically set as ‘Annual Review Complete’ when the document has been signed by all signatories.

Also, for those that have an account with more than one digital signing provider or are in the process of transitioning from one provider to another we have now added support for multiple signing providers connected to CAS 360 at the same time.

Company shareholder and trust unitholder registers

Next up is a whole new way of preparing Company Shareholder and Trust unitholder registers, we have built a beautiful MS Excel export of these registers. We know how much you all love a good spreadsheet. CAS 360 now allows you to export these holdings and filter, sort or organise to your heart’s content.

Plus, so much more!

There is so much more in this update, we have added version 2 of our document management APIs for those that have your documents integrated. We have a new trust relationship position in Alternate Appointer, improved the Company screen hovers so they are less sensitive, added new merge fields for addresses and capital.


CAS 360 Product Update Release – September 2021

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Hello all and welcome to Spring! We have another BIG CAS 360 update for you!

Don’t forget to join the conversation about this release and so much more on the BGL Community >>>

What's New in CAS 360?

Company Incorporations

Let’s kick off with Company Incorporations. Now you can start using CAS 360 for Company Incorporations, the previously required digital certificate has been removed, all that is required now is a direct debit account with ASIC. 

All company incorporations from CAS 360 are done for the ASIC fee only. It has never been faster or easier to incorporate companies. 

While CAS 360 does not currently have a constitution, we will soon, keep your eyes open.

Minutes and Resolutions

Next, we have made some big improvements to our minutes and resolutions. Share and Unit transactions now show more information about each transaction, including effective dates. We have also added thousands separator commas to all Director, Trustee, Member and Unit holder minutes / resolutions. Share and Unit certificates have also been improved. 

File Upload Security

Security is an important part of all software applications these days and CAS 360 is no exception, we have now added system wide file scanning on all uploaded documents. From this update, every uploaded file will be virus scanned, and you will be notified if the document is marked suspicious.

Report Improvements

Reports have been updated with the People group report now showing more trust relationship information, the Address Usage report now showing all addresses, with the ability to filter the new address types. The Companies Listing report options are now dynamic to your firm’s data (i.e options that are not relevant won’t be shown)

User Interface Improvements

Last and certainly not least we have made a number of interface changes to improve how CAS 360 works. 

Now all screens that have a table (Company, Documents, Annual Reviews etc.) have a sticky header. This means that as we scroll down the page, the headings will stay visible, this is a great improvement. 

We have also redesigned the company notes screens in company selection with a new modern look, and also the SMS messages conversation box has been updated with a fresh new look.

CAS 360 New Features Webinar recap with Alissa Haralambopoulos!

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The CAS 360 New Features webinar held on the 12th of August was jam-packed with some great updates, which you should be aware of!

CAS 360 New Features Webinar recap with BGL’s Product Advocate, Alissa Haralambopoulos!

The CAS 360 new features webinar held on the 12th of August was jam-packed with some great updates – which you should be aware of!

The following is a brief recap of what’s new: 

CAS 360 announced integration with its third Digital Signing provider: FuseSign - this integration went live on 12 August 2021. FuseSign is an Australian application that boasts quite a different price point from other providers, with document packs signed for as low as $0.90 per pack!

From the Company Selection screen, there have been new filters added, you can now filter by company type, eg. foreign companies, super trustee companies. You can also add a column to be able to sort or view by the manager if you are looking after a large number of companies and have them split between managers in the firm.

The ability for View Only users to be able to download the Trust Deed once it’s been uploaded into CAS 360.

Better support for the effective date when transactions take place in the default minutes and resolutions. You’ll also notice large numbers or shares etc. now show with a comma.

Email Settings - When an email is sent from CAS 360 it comes from [email protected] but the custom email address is now available for purchase. There is a process involved with setting this up to ensure this meets internet protocols. It means emails can come from the firm email address. There are limited spots available for this, so if this is something you are interested in, contact your Account Manager.

Documents Outstanding Export - Exports a list of outstanding documents to CSV. This can be done on a global level or on a company by company level.

Updating of System Messages - Attention box newly designed, modernised the look and feel.

Added Trust Meeting Address to meeting usage report.

Added Company Name to the trace number heading track.

Decimal places for dividend statements, meaning you can now select how many decimal places you would like to show.

Trust deeds will also appear under the Documents tab.

When you import data from ASIC via an RA71 or Annual Review it does not import the history, just the data. It will override whatever history is in the software.

6 new features were introduced for completing discretionary trust distributions:
- You can now copy a previous distribution for a prior year if there are only small changes;
- Set the Order of how the names appear on the resolution when using free text, this can be done by both % amount or name.
- Adding the ability to expand the free text size;
- Can add a beneficiary more than once;
- Merge fields were added to improve the look of the distribution minutes.

The team have also been busy implementing some performance gains, whilst these are mainly under the hood they should result in an improvement in the efficiencies.

Looking forward to the next release and will definitely be keeping an eye on what’s to come!

In case you missed it, you can watch the CAS 360 New Features webinar recording below.

Simple Fund 360 New Features Webinar recap with Alissa Haralambopoulos!

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Overall a massive update, ensuring the software is well and truly ready to assist you with processing your 2021 financials and returns.

Simple Fund 360 New Features Webinar recap with BGL’s Product Advocate, Alissa Haralambopoulos!

We start this Simple Fund 360 new features webinar with two screens that have received facelifts after many years…

The first is the Fund Dashboard screen, this new screen gives a great overview of the selected fund including details such as ABN, TFN, Superstream Status, deed uploaded, how many unmatched transactions you have, workpapers left to complete, data feed reconciliation status and client queries. The dashboard also gives an overview of the funds’ investments and performance, as well as allowing for notes to be displayed on this main page so that they are easily accessible.

The other dashboard which has received a makeover is the reports screen. You still have access to all the reports you’ve come to know and love, the big difference is that now you can not only see the report categories, but you can also see a list of all reports which can be filtered A-Z or new-old. The new reports screen also allows you to add tags to reports, meaning you can now filter by these too, think ‘GST’ or ‘Pension’ tags. You will still be able to access your report packs, and create additional report packs if necessary. You can also now preview reports with a single click. 

The 2021 tax return is now available for lodgement with the ATO for those super-speed processors! The audit workpaper reports have also been rolled forward and updated for the 2021 financial year. Along with this, we are working on adding the 2021 Distribution Tax Data, if you find an Annual Tax Statement that is not currently available in the software, please send it through so that we can look to add the data for you.

Another new arrival can be found on the Property Dashboard, where you are now able to generate a fund level or global level Property Summary Report, this report can show you the property type, valuation and the last valuation date. Great for checking the status of all the properties in all the funds you manage. This report can also be generated from the reports screen. 

Are you currently using digital signing? If it’s an idea you’ve been toying with, be sure to check out our latest digital signing integration partner, FuseSign. An Australian based business, offering fantastic pricing for BGL clients, it’s definitely worth looking into. This integration is also available across all BGL products. 

The pension reduction has been applied in the software for the 2021 financial year for the 50% reduction. This update can be seen on the pension dashboard, and various pension reports. Also updated for this year is the NCC Bring forward extended to age 66, this can be seen on the Contribution Dashboard and Contribution Breakdown Report.

Finally, there was a new broker added, Soundbridge Financial Services, so if this is a provider that your client is using, you will now be able to set up data feeds for this.

Overall a massive update, ensuring the software is well and truly ready to assist you with processing your 2021 financials and returns.

Looking forward to the next release and will definitely be keeping an eye on what’s to come!

In case you missed it, you can watch the Simple Fund 360 New Features webinar recording below.