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Celebrating the First Loan Settlement via BGL’s Integration with Compare n Save: A Success Story

By March 1, 2024BGL Update

In May 2023, BGL launched its integration with Compare n Save, a leading loan comparison service provider with an ownership stake in TAG Finance and Loans, a traditional mortgage broking fulfilment business.

This integration marked a significant advancement for advisors, accountants, and other BGL clients, granting them access to compare hundreds of loans from over 30 of Australia’s top banks and lenders. From home to investment to SMSF loans, Simple Fund 360 clients could now leverage this seamless integration to efficiently structure debt for property purchases and conduct regular loan reviews to lower interest costs for their clients.

One of the earliest success stories stemming from this collaboration involves Dean Neto, a seasoned CPA at D.N.Advisory. Dean’s experience epitomises the tangible benefits that BGL’s integration with Compare n Save brings. By harnessing the power of this partnership, Dean managed to save close to 3% in interest per annum on his SMSF loan!

Here’s what Dean had to say about his experience:

“A quick shout out to BGL for an amazing platform and valued integration partners. After attending a BGL webinar, introducing a loan comparison integration, I was curious to see how it all worked. I clicked through to Compare n Save from the BGL Property Portfolio section, compared my own Westpac SMSF loan, and was presented with many options to save. I then reached out directly to Compare n Save and they negotiated a rate lower than advertised, saving me close to 3% p.a. Compare n Save also managed the refinance process and I am now using Compare n Save to help our clients.”

Dean NetoCPA at D.N.Advisory

Dean’s success story also sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of financial management: SMSF lending rates. While media attention typically gravitates towards home loan rates, the potential savings in SMSF loans remain underexplored. Many clients may be unknowingly subjected to high interest rates, making it imperative for advisors to explore alternative options and maximise savings opportunities.

To embark on a journey similar to Dean’s and unlock substantial savings for your clients, visit https://bgl.comparensave.com.au.

About Compare n Save

Compare n Save is an Aussie fintech providing comparison and fulfilment services for home, investment and SMSF loans. Under a partnership model, Compare n Save can also provide your business with an additional revenue stream for the introduction of new loans.


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