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Accountants are now an election issue, and it’s time to have your say

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Written by Todd Stevens on 19 April 2019

Accountants have a seat in the boardrooms of Australia’s most powerful companies, and they’re a huge chunk of, and a trusted adviser to, the SME community. As a profession, accountants are among the most influential in the country. 

At a time when accountants and tax are an election issue, it’s more important than ever to have your voice heard. Both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader are locking horns over the deductibility of tax agent’s fees. Without both sides of government correctly understanding the nature of what accountants do, detrimental policy could get over the line.

How do you have your say? Sequel CFO founder and managing director David Boyar — a thought leader finalist in this year’s Australian Accounting Awards — and editor of Accountants Daily Katarina Taurian talk through how you can influence the future of your profession.


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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • Phillip Balding says:

    Accountants are generally non-political but now Shorten has made it political. Every Accountant should be circularising their clients advising them what Shorten is doing.

  • Max Watkins says:

    Again Bill Shortonbrains has made a further statement with no idea what he is talking about. Stop playing around with garbage comments including selective back stabbing with no true substance and come up with ideas ( if you have any ) for the true good of the country.

  • Robyn Rofe says:

    I trust my accountant – I am sorry to say I cannot say that about Bill Shorten. Our Accountants have studied long and hard, work under a strict code of conduct, legislation,ethics and are accountable for their actions – I do not believe Bill Shorten works under the same. Bill Shorten makes statements without proper research, and within a few days changes what he has said just to secure votes. The classic example is with the Franking Credits where, he changed his policy to exempt pensioners and self funded retirees. Don’t get me wrong – this is a good change, but he probably hasn’t realised that this is probably about 98% of the supposedly “wealthy people” he has aimed his policy at. Unfortunately Bill Shorten has made no adjustments to the funding of his remaining policies to reflect this change. Bill Shorten,
    unlike the Accounting Fraternity can not be trusted. VOTE NO TO BILL SHORTEN.

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