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BGL adds Smarter SMSF documents to CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360

By August 27, 2019August 28th, 2019BGL Update, CAS 360, Homepage, Simple Fund 360

BGL is proud to announce industry leading document integration with Smarter SMSF – allowing CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 clients to purchase Smarter SMSF documents from within their BGL software.

“We’re thrilled to launch this new service with Smarter SMSF”, says Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. “Smarter SMSF has been part of our Ecosystem for a long time. The new service provides BGL clients the ability to subscribe with Smarter SMSF for a document bundle based on their needs and then create documents as needed from within their CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 software”.

“We are very excited about combining forces with BGL to deliver SMSF specialist documents using the power of BGL’s technology, as the importance of having compliant documents grows.” says Aaron Dunn, CEO of Smarter SMSF.

This new document subscription service contains 5 fixed price document bundles – Starter25 (25 docs), Simple50 (50 docs), Smart100 (100 docs), Smarter250 (250 docs) and Smartest500 (500+ docs). Learn More >>>

In CAS 360, clients can register a company and get a Smarter SMSF company constitution or trust deed without leaving the CAS 360 company registration screen. Documents can also be purchased from other appropriate places in CAS 360 and all documents are automatically loaded into the software.

In Simple Fund 360, clients can establish an SMSF as well as purchase a number of Smarter SMSF documents throughout Simple Fund 360 without leaving the software. Fund data will intelligently populate Smarter SMSF documents, which will then be created and automatically loaded back into Simple Fund 360.

To learn more about this integration, register to BGL & Smarter SMSF Integration webinar.


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