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Accountants – In our eyes, you too are heroes!

Working with accountants for over 20 years, I respect and admire who they are and what they do.

The past weeks have been trying for accountants.

With unprecedented change in the current business, economic and legislative landscape, accountants are often the first go-to professionals for hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of individuals.

As the trusted advisor, it’s not just about the numbers. They play a far bigger role.

Accountants often find themselves on the forefront of dealing with many complexities involving, tax, business, legislation, families and individuals.

Spending countless hours listening to and working with clients, accountants often end up carrying many of their client’s burdens.

Why do they do this? Because most genuinely care for their clients, their well-being and the outcome. This level of care though, comes at a personal and emotional cost.

Bodies representing accountants, together with government and the community need to do more to support accountants.

For now, Ron Lesh and myself take this moment to stand up and applaud all accountants across this nation.

Thank you for being resilient, brave and committed to your cause and to your clients.


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