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Meet the BGLers: With Simple Fund 360 Quality Assurance Tester, Krishneil Mudaliar!

At BGL, we genuinely believe that without the right people – we wouldn’t be where we are today. So, we thought it was time to introduce you-all to the BGL Team! Meet BGL superstar and Simple Fund 360 Quality Assurance Tester, Krishneil Mudaliar!!

Krish has been a BGLer for an incredible 9 years πŸ‘πŸ€© and is an essential part of the Simple Fund 360 team!

What was your first job at BGL?

After finishing university, like many at BGL I was very lucky to start in the support team where I was able to learn more about the BGL SMSF and Corporate Compliance software range.

During my early years at BGL I was also a member of the training team where I had great opportunities to meet many users of our software not only locally in Melbourne but also interstate and regional Victorian areas like Ballarat, Kyneton, Traralgon and Shepparton.

I then moved into the Simple Fund 360 team as a Quality Assurance tester which is my current role. During my time in the role I have worked on many projects such as Migration, Actuarial Certificates, Single Sign on and Compliance based functions.

What three words would you use to describe BGL’s culture?

Innovative, fun and diverse.

Which BGL clubs are you a member of?

I am one of the organisers of the BGL Cricket Club and also unfortunately the worst player in the club πŸ˜‚. It is always great fun to play with people from all departments at BGL every Monday night in Summer, even though I get hit for six each week 🏏

What do you enjoy most about working at BGL?

The best thing about working at BGL is how well our team all work together towards one goal. Each department at BGL is always very helpful to each other and we are very lucky to have so many mentors around the company to help us grow in our roles.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at BGL?

The endless opportunities for continuous professional development at BGL is great. We are supported in each department to undertake many professional courses such as CPA, CA, Nanodegrees and to attend industry leading seminars to help us grow in our roles and better assist the users of our software.

Who at BGL would you most like to swap places with for a day?

I would love to trade places with James Luo who is the Lead Developer in the Simple Fund 360 team for a day. The Artificial Intelligence projects his team are working on are revolutionary and I wish I could borrow his brain for a day 🧠

Do you have a favourite charity you wish more people knew about?

For me it is the Cancer Council and The National Breast Cancer Foundation. I feel very proud to work for BGL who continuously support multiple fundraising events such as the Biggest Morning Tea and Go Pink – wear pink to work day πŸ‘š

How do you prefer to start your day?

I usually prefer to start the day listening to Gary Lyon and Tim Watson on AM radio.

What show are you currently binge-watching?

In isolation I am currently binge-watching Game of Thrones. We are also lucky to have a movie ratings board (BGL’s Rotten Bananas) in the office organised by Gary Hall who is our in house movie expert. So I have a long list of movies to watch also if this isolation period continues.

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

Trying to channel my younger Brett Lee style bowling skills in the back yard to prepare for the next BGL cricket season 😊🏏

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

Pineapple on BBQ Chicken Pizza is a must.


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  • Rocco says:

    Krishneil Mudaliar is a true gentleman , kind person. He displays all of the BGL values in what he does. Krish was my first team leader at BGL and got me through the first few tough months !!! True BGL royalty !!!πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

  • Arani says:

    Krish,I am so lucky to have you as my colleague and brotherly figure. I really look up to your work ethic, your passion and your kind heart! You are truly a legend! So blessed to know you – true inspiration.

  • Matt Crofts says:

    Krish is an absolute superstar, so grateful to have Krish in the SimpleFund 360 Team . His selfless attitude, endless curiosity and willingness to help out clients and team mates seems to have no limit. We can all learn a lot from Krish.

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