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Apps on the BGL Block with Adriana Cavallo!

Here at BGL, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all! That’s why, we love our ecosystem partners which allow our clients to find the right match for their needs! As our list of integration partners keep growing, it’s definitely hard to keep up! So, we thought we would make this easier for you!

Welcome our new blog series, which explores some new apps & existing app updates on the BGL block!


Through our integration with Blueprint by ChangeGPS, BGL clients are now able to create smart, easy to use and complete corporate structure diagrams.

Powered by your CAS 360 data, Blueprint can bring all your Company, Trust, Super Fund and Contact data together instantly, which allows users to easily modify the chart to meet their needs and the needs of their clients.

Perfect for your next client meeting to communicate important structure advice.

Visit ChangeGPS WebsiteWatch Our Video


Expanding on our current practice management integration, GreatSoft is our newest partner. GreatSoft enables firms to manage staff, clients and jobs in one database with our two-way integration synchronises BGL contacts with your clients in GreatSoft.

What does this mean for users? It ensures data consistency across platforms, making it easier to manage & update your contacts and clients.

Visit GreatSoft WebsiteWatch Our Video

Adobe Sign

Digital signing has become a critical tool used by many accounting firms today! The Adobe Sign integration with BGL empowers you to sign, send and manage documents anytime & anywhere! Once the integration is active, it’s as simple as a toggle option for documents you wish to be digitally signed.

Allowing BGL clients to gain efficiencies & create a seamless workflow for their clients.

Visit Adobe Sign WebsiteWatch Our Video

Your Wills

It’s extremely important to ensure your clients have a Will in place and Your Wills offers a simple, online solution so you now can! Accessible through Simple Fund 360, Your Wills provides a straightforward solution which gives the ability to cost effectively create a legally recognised Will online.

BGL clients have the privilege to receive 10% off, using code BGL10

Visit Your Wills WebsiteWatch Our Video

Smarter SMSF

Using your BGL data, our two-way integration with Smarter SMSF makes the process simple & effortless to creating and ordering SMSF documents such as trust deed upgrades, pension commencements & many more. Recently, Smarter SMSF has built on their current integration to offer a greater range of documents which you order directly through Simple Fund 360.

Making ordering documents easy & definitely a great time-saver for you!

Visit Smarter SMSF WebsiteWatch Our Video

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