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Simple Invest 360, our investment portfolio platform, is now available!

By June 15, 2021June 16th, 2021News, Product Updates, Simple Invest 360

Today we announce the launch of Simple Invest 360, our intelligent cloud-based software to help accountants streamline CGT compliance administration for Trusts, Companies and Individuals.

This exciting NEW product wraps several disparate investments and CGT based tools under one unified solution. We are automating the tedious process of CGT record-keeping and Financial Reporting. In layman’s terms, Simple Invest 360 saves an accountant time no matter what the tax structure: Trust, Company, or Sole Proprietor. Simple Invest 360 uses the same proven and award-winning smart engine that powers Simple Fund 360, the No. 1 SMSF solution.

Simple Invest 360 achieves time savings by leveraging automated corporate actions, smart machine learning categorisation and integrated accounting work papers.

Many clients go to their accountants for tax advice only to find out that they may have already made a mistake with major investment decisions. Primarily, this happens because people did not keep or could not explain to the accountant their multiple asset classes and tax structures. Simple Invest 360 solves this problem, with the Client, Accountant, and Planner, now working entirely in the cloud on daily automated wealth positions.

Simple Invest 360 transpires into spending less time on the preparation and thereby reducing costs. Accountants can spend more time on other matters & increase fees, as when your clients are making better investment decisions, they will value the advice. With more value delivered, clients are less likely to switch accountants. Reduced preparation and switching costs enable more time to acquire new customers for those looking to expand their services.

Early on we knew that we had to move fast while really listening to what the client’s end goal was. Having open and honest communication not only between ourselves but also with our beta clients meant that we were able to understand at a deeper level how to solve the issue of not only providing the client with a robust CGT engine for tracking their investments, but also a seamless year end workflow which makes allocating accounting profit and tax to beneficiaries a breeze.

Andrew Paszko - Simple Invest 360 Product Manager

But don’t take my word, here’s what our beta clients are telling us about why they love using Simple Invest 360:

Makes it easy to track shares and dividends, especially when clients may not supply all of the documentation you can reconstruct history. Quickly do CGT calcs and reports.

Amber Williams, Trident Business Group

Easy to use cloud base software with smart transactions matching, great for keeping CGT records. "Live" portfolio reports and review function to keep you up to date with your current investments, projected CGT and tax planning.

Olga Petrovskaya, Sinclair Wilson

The Simple Invest 360 team led by Andrew Paszko started with just a single developer: Yang Huang, and a software tester: Mario Blagejovic. From the get-go, the small group were laser-focused on only combining value-added features while staying close to the customer.

Once the plans were drawn up and a challenging roadmap set by myself and Ron Lesh, the Simple Invest 360 team combined forces with the larger Simple Fund 360 team to working collectively through 2020 & 2021 on the new project. Critically, the Simple Fund 360 teams provided valuable advice and experience to the younger team. The additional resources were needed to decouple some of the SMSF related functions and deal with the complexity of multiple tax structures to support Trusts, Companies, and Sole Proprietors.

The newer Simple Invest 360 team had the added challenges of Melbourne 2020 and 2021 lockdowns and needed to form good bonds as a second Software Developer, Nathan Mitchell, and new Business Analyst, Andrew Perera, completed the team. While the Simple Fund 360 team still had to deliver major compliance changes including TBAR, Superstream and COVID early release. Despite the added challenges, both teams hit every milestone. In many cases, earlier than planned.

With the early Beta Launch of Simple Invest 360 last October, valuable feedback from our beta clients was delivered into today’s successful product launch two weeks ahead of schedule.

Now the good news. All current Simple Fund 360 clients from today have free access to 5 entities until the 31st of August 2021. No catches, no drawn-out signup process. Simply login using your existing Simple Fund 360 credentials and add a New Entity. Choose from a Trust, Company or Individual and get started today. For all other BGL clients or new to BGL clients, contact your account manager on 1300 654 401 or navigate our website and enjoy the same free trial.

Learn more about Simple Invest 360 >>>


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